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Part 4: Project Reezy's Dream Truck comes to an end!
[ Posted By: Reezy on 12/8/2009 1:59:10 PM ] TOP OF PAGE

The time has come! Sadly the dreams have come to an end after today's blog. It's been a fun ride getting to share my dream vehicle with you all. Unlike most people who dream of one day own a Ferri or a Guinea (Ferrari/Lamborghini) as I like to call them. I tried to kept it simple and sweet andndash;something achievable. Anyone can dream of owning an exotic sports car, but how many actually get to own one? Well with Project Reezy's Dream Truck I like to think that it can be achievable goal.

Time for the run down! As stated in last weeks blog with the "Reezy Edition West Coast PreRunner", I am bringing the west coast off-road scene out to the east coast scene. This truck would be made to turn heads and get people to ask the questions, What is that?, Why did you lift a 2WD truck?, Can it go through mud?, What the hell is a PreRunner?, Does that thing have a Hemi?

As with the "Reezy Edition Super Truck" the "West Coast PreRunner" will be molded into a beautiful beast, starting life as a base model Bright White Dodge Ram Quad Cab 1500, 2-wheel drive truck with a 4.7L Magnum V8 engine. Starting out trying to find a suspension kit for a 2WD truck is not an easy task. More and more suspension companies are starting to offer 2WD suspension kits for Ford, Chevy, and Toyota as for those are the most popular vehicles to turn into PreRunners out on the West Coast. But being that I am looking to build a Dodge PreRunner I am automatically behind the 8-ball. After some research I found Doetsch Systems. They are the only ones that I have found that offer a 2WD suspension kit for the new style Dodge Ram trucks. Doetsch Systems offers a 6" front 3" rear bolt-on suspension lift kit. Being that this isn't going to be an all out PreRunner just a Ram with the PreRunner look to it, I'd go with this basic bolt-on suspension kit. In order to have an all out PreRunner I'd have to have a custom suspension system made in order to get the maximum wheel travel possible for the big desert jumps or east coast corn field bumps.

To help give the Dodge that ultimate PreRunner look is the custom fabricated front bumper with built-in crossmember skid plate on the front end. Mounted on the front bumper will be four KC HiLites Night Lamps for the midnight rides through the field. Gone will be the factory front fenders! Replacing them will be a set of Desert Racing Concepts fiberglass flared front fenders, for an extra 5" of tire clearance for the massive 35" Toyo Tires and American Racing ATX 17X8 Polished Mojave (Powder Coated Black) w/ Simulated Bead locks (Red) to tuck under. A T-Rex Billet Grille Inserts stuffed in the factory grille for a custom look. Also new to the exterior will be a set of TYC Black Taillights, Recon Smoked LED 3rd Brake Light, and an APC Hitch Mount Spare Tire Holder hold my spare American Racing ATX 17X8 Mojave wrapped in a 35" Toyo Tire .

Performance for the "West Coast PreRunner" will be upgraded with afew simple installs. Volant Cool Air Intake System for getting some extra cold air into the intake. AirAid Poweraid Spacer to help force more of the cold air into the intake. With all the extra cold air being force into the combustion chamber and mixing with the fuel mixture causing a cleaner air and fuel burn in turn making more horsepower. Factory exhaust system work great with a factory truck. Being that this Ram is going to have more air flow coming in the engine, means that more exhaust gases will be exiting. In order to help make it all flow in and out properly the "West Coast PreRunner" will have a killer sounding Magnaflow Dual Side Exit Exhaust System installed.

To round up the final upgrades on the Ram will be the interior. Simply put the interior is flashy enough. The only touches will be a stereo upgrade, with a Pioneer Head unit with Memphis Audio Highs and Mids, followed by two 10" Memphis subs tucked neatly under the rear seat with a Memphis Audio AMP powering the two beast for that simple boom boom in the rig. To add some extra shine to the interior will be a set of front and rear OEM Dodge Logo Stainless Door Entry Guards. The final touches will be a good tint job on the windows so everyone can player hate and wonder who is riding so fresh and so clean in this bad ma'ama jammin rizzide!

Dream Truck #2 The "REV 3" aka "Reezy Edition West Coast PreRunner"
Base Model Dodge Ram Quad Cab 1500 4x2 4.7L V8
Color Choice Bright White with Reezy Edition Flame Decal kit

A. Suspension
a. Doetsch Systems 2wd 6/3 Lift Kit
b. Doetsch Systems HV1 Series PreRunner Shocks with Reservoir
c. Custom Front Suspension Skid plate
B. Exterior
a. American Racing ATX 17X8 Polished Mojave (Powder Coated Black) w/ Simulated Bead locks (Red)
b. Recon Smoked LED 3rd Brake Light
c. TYC Black Taillights
d. T-REX Billet Grille Inserts
e. APC Hitch Mount Spare Tire Holder
f. Custom Front PreRunner Bumper with KC HiLites
g. Desert Racing Concepts Fiberglass PreRunner Flared Front Fenders
h. Desert Racing Concepts Fiberglass PreRunner Flared Bedsides
C. Performance
a. Volant Cool Air Intake System
b. AirAid Poweraid Spacer
c. Magnaflow Dual Side Exit Exhaust System like "FLASH"
D. Interior
a. OEM Dodge Ram Stainless Front Door Entry Guards
b. OEM Dodge Ram Stainless Rear Door Entry Guards
c. Smoke Tinted Windows

Until then keep watching out cause one day "we be rollin, they hatin, tryin to catch me ridin dirty"

Reezy's Out!

Hybrid Atima? It's about time
[ Posted By: Launchpad on 12/8/2009 1:50:23 PM ] TOP OF PAGE

Nissan has announced its first entry into the hybrid gas-electric market with the 2007 Nissan Altima Hybrid. Those keeping in touch understand that this is somewhat of a fickle adventure for Nissan as Carlos Ghosn has expressed his concern that Hybrid vehicles are not the answer to our many environment problems nor will it cure our dependency on oil.

And Nissan's uneasiness shows as a good number of patents have been derived from Toyota's stockpile for the build. The '07 Altima is a new design all-around and in my opinion Nissan needs a hybrid offering to keep up with the pack, but it seems that even they are unsure if it will be the right horse for the race.

Standard model Altimas go on sale in the U.S. late in '06 and the hybrid comes to select states first in early '07. Meat and potato's is a 2.5L gas/electric motor coupled with the CVT transmission which is now a popular option in many Nissan vehicles such as the Maxima, Sentra, Versa, and Murano among others. For you number crunchers out there, 198 is the number of ponys you can expect, and EPA rates are 41 in the city and 36 on the highway, respectively. It will be built in the Smyrna, TN. plant along side the Frontier pickup, Xterra SUV, and Maxima.

In the past the Altima has been a very reliable vehicle and the new models equipped with the 3.5L V-6 are practically land rockets but this new hybrid shows that Nissan is not as secure as one might think. I mean they are borrowing patents to build a hybrid, that means they haven't done any of there own research or development. Plus many other corporations have already come out with hybrid cars so this leaves Nissan somewhat left behind. If I had to guess I'd say that if the hybrid version doesn't do well, it will get the axe quick. On a lighter note, the standard Altima will most likely enjoy good sales as it has for some 20 years now.

Time will tell as in all things, and in the automotive business, you can never tell what the future holds.

Maybe Dodge's New Body Design?......I Hope Not!
[ Posted By: Carver on 12/8/2009 1:46:41 PM ] TOP OF PAGE

So today I was looking at some concept cars from Dodge, and I found this one truck that they are designing. Now I don't know if it is what they are going to go to in the future, but I am not a fan of it at all. I was just informed that I shouldn't look at concept vehicles and say that they are ugly. C'mon boss, I thought you were supposed to be on my side! I know when I first got shown the new 07' Silverado that I didn't like it at all. Maybe one day I will eat my words on this, but I highly doubt that this design will ever make it to the market.

This thing is a van with a bed. Supposedly it says that it will have a overhead camera in the vehicle, so that I can watch the kids. When I purchase a truck, I don't buy it to haul the kids around in. I buy it to go mudding in and haul stuff, like a dead deer I just killed, or maybe even tailgating with my friends at a football game. My truck is not the soccer mom wagon. Maybe I am overreacting, who knows.


Lets ask Flash: Form or Function?
[ Posted By: Gerwin on 12/8/2009 1:39:05 PM ] TOP OF PAGE

Before beginning this week's blog, I would like to start out by throwing out a thought to my reading audience; When, (and if), you start to consider an upgrade to your ride, do you generally do this out of want, or necessity? As your digesting that food for thought, allow me to dive into my mad ramblings...

I'd like to draw on the already well-beaten-horse-of-a-topic concerning my recent trip to North Carolina. A recreational trip by definition, but also an educational one as well. Allow me to explain; Thus far in Flash's life, the majority of upgrades I've made to this heap of iron have been purely functional. The Airaid Cold Air Intake, Throttle Body Spacer, and the MagnaFlow Dual Exhaust System are by all accounts, a performance upgrade. (Although on some level I would consider the Exhaust System an aesthetic one as well...hehehe..) These additions have aided in Flash's performance and overall fuel economy, thus falling under the category of functional. However, my recent trip to the Smoky Mountains gave me good cause to make yet another upgrade to the Truck's already startling physique...but is it on a functional or aesthetic level???

Let me just start out by saying that its not a real great feeling tracking Grey, chunky-style mud into the interior of a basically new truck. Despite all my preventive maintenance of sturdier, aftermarket floor mats coupled with some bath towels, I still managed to do a fine job of getting some muddy-looking water on my carpet. And during such times of frustration, I thought to myself, how can I keep this garbage out of my truck...knowing full-well that the situation might arise again? And at that very moment, I saw a buddy of mine climbing into his rig to move it to a parking area. BUT, before doing so, he gently banged his boots against his black, powder-coated step bars. The result of this was knocking mud, gravel, and other debris off of his feet before sliding them inside on the floor mats. Weeellllll....looky there!

Of course, my first thought was, "Man, Flash would look killer with a nice set of Chrome Step Bars.." So the thought of keeping dirt off the floor mats and carpet had escaped me altogether and was quickly replaced by how the truck would LOOK.. But would that not be an addition that would serve the purpose of both schools of thought? Well, I should think so!

Well, as you may have guessed...looks like its time to start some Step Bar shopping. *Sigh* It just never ends.

Let's ask Flash Part 2: The Sound and the Fury
[ Posted By: Gerwin on 12/8/2009 1:27:26 PM ] TOP OF PAGE

Touching on last week's blog, I am still in the process of researching a set of Step Bars for the F-One Fiddy. There are actually quite a few things to look at when choosing the right parts for your truck, including Style, material used, finish, manufacturer, among other things. In fact it was me pacing around the truck that actually provided content for this week's Blog; a candid conversation with Flash.

"So Flash, what do ya think? Chrome Step Bars or maybe Powder Coated Black?" I asked.

"Well to be honest with you Gerwin, I'm kinda feeling some Chrome 4" Ovals myself" he replied. "I mean I know your trying to stay with a black motif and everything, but I really need something to match the exhaust pipes."

"So true Flash, so true." I answered "But now were talking more dollars here. Powder coat black would look pretty nice in my opinion too."

This is the point where I knew I had made a mistake... Flash looked at me with his evil eye...

"Yessss, that's right Gerwin. Always think about the money before you consider my feelings. You know good and well that Chrome would look great, jutting out from under the doors and flashing in the sunlight. And incidentally, what happened to that Jet Chip you promised me huh? And seat covers? I've been waiting on that for what, like, a year now?? Oh! And what happened to the Recon LED Third Brake Light that you told me was soooooo cool. Well, I'll tell ya I don't feel a whole lot brighter when slowing down!"

"Now you listen here Flash... You're running Mobil 1 Synthetic. The best oil on the market! You think that's cheap?? And anyway, don't act like I don't spend time and money on you. What's that sound you hear when accelerating? Hmmmm? Oh yeah, that's right, a COLD AIR INTAKE. You know good and well that business didn't come from the factory. So don't give me any sob story about how I don't give you upgrades on a regular basis."

" Yeah, oh yeah Gerwin I'm running Mobile 1...with a freaking Fram Filter!" He snapped back..."And it was really, really nice when you changed it 8,000 miles ago. Oh yeah I'm sooo grateful for that. You bet the CAI sounds great going down the road. Especially when you start feeling froggy and freaking Hammer it to the floor just for the sheer fun of it. Oh, and my personal favorite, is when you get out in the field and do countless donuts for no reason at all. Man that just really helps me sleep at night. see these water-spots on the hood?? Huh? Ya see them? Those aren’t going away on they're own ya goon. Its called WAX Gerwin...WAX."

Well, it was becoming blatantly clear that I was going to lose this one. Flash was right. Promises had gone unfulfilled. New parts had gone uninstalled. I'm just glad he didn't bring up the time I played that Kenny G Live CD. Man I didn't think I would ever live that one down...

Mobile TV Grows To $1.1 Billion. Just What Already Distracted Drivers Need Now.
[ Posted By: WiseOne on 12/8/2009 11:53:40 AM ] TOP OF PAGE

Just when you think drivers couldn't possibly find anything more to distract them and cause more accidents with all the gadgets they could possibly fathom such as cell phones, navigation systems, lipstick, laptops, eating while driving, and the list goes on and steps the in-dash television. I like to refer to it as in-dash idiocy.

What more idiotic thing could American drivers need now than an in-dash television. Whoa, people, this is getting ridiculous now. The maker of the system I am talking about, KVH Industries, states that while in motion the television changes into a navigation system. That is all fine and dandy, but the problem is that people WILL, undoubtedly, find a way to allow them to watch TV while driving.

The only good thing I can see about the system is that it's price tag ($2,995 plus $44.95/month for satellite service) will hinder may people from getting it at this point, thankfully. But, when the price does drop, and it will, watch out on the sidewalks and make sure your kids stay far away from the the edge of the sidewalks, especially around stoplights.
View This Junk.

—WiseOne Wuz Here
...forgive your enemies, but never forget their names –John F. Kennedy

Pontiac And Holden, Can't These Guys Just Get a Room?
[ Posted By: Launchpad on 12/8/2009 11:46:42 AM ] TOP OF PAGE

Word on the digital street is that GM has put the green light on the Holden based Pontiac Grand Prix. In talking to different car buddy's of mine the common response is not upbeat. Many look at the GTO and fear that another Holden-Pontiac cross breed won't be the correct answer, citing GTO's mild looks and how they don't resemble the old goats that we know and love. Other opinions are of GTO's below par handling abilities and somewhat shoddy interior.

My view on the whole thing is strangely good, as any of my close friends will tell you that I am a hopeless pessimist ( I say that I am a realist. ) that lives by Murphy's law. As I see it General Motors idea to turn Pontiac into a rear-drive sportier division is the right direction, one that should have happened years ago. Holden is doing great work in their home country of Australia, selling cars like nobody's business and producing some fine sport variants in the meantime. Not to mention that the chassis structure in the Commodore will work for the Grand Prix and the upcoming Camaro. This makes since even to the lowliest of bean counters.

As far as the now out of production GTO, I think it was a pretty cool car. The Sleek look was almost stealth like, instead of being a "Hey look at me! I'm Fast! Give me a Freaking speeding ticket. NOW!" type car, its looks were a little more subdued. And in the handling and interior department, come on people. This car was around 30 grand brand new, not 40 or 50. It's not gonna be a Corvette or a Porsche. And even so, in the right hands this car will do things that would make your grandma's Camry throw up and pass out. Not to mention that straight line acceleration is on par with any hotrod in its price range then and now.

So looking back I say go for it GM! The pre-production photos of the car look great and you know there gonna stuff a big horse power motor in there for the SS version. The masses could use another modern day American hotrod priced below 50 grand. I wonder if it will be as fun as the old 1969 models with the 455 mill. One can only dream.

DeeZee, 29 Years and Still Kicking
[ Posted By: Captain Brent on 12/8/2009 11:38:16 AM ] TOP OF PAGE

In this weeks blog I would like to discuss another one of the many vendors we carry, DeeZee. Based in Des Moines, Iowa, DeeZee has been creating aftermarket accessories for over 29 years. Dee Zee announced their arrival with the introduction of 12 custom fit brite-tread or extruded aluminum running board applications at the 1977 Sema show in Las Vegas. After 29 years Dee Zee still continues to raise the bar on providing the end consumer a quality, custom fit product that they can enjoy for many years to come.

Now that you know a little about the company I would like to focus on one particular item we carry of theirs, body side molding. DeeZee offers body side molding in stainless steel finish and offers it for a variety of vehicles; including the Ford F-150, Chevy Silverado and Dodge Ram. These stainless steel pieces attach easily to lower doors of your ride via 3M automotive tape. They work with or without running boards and come with a one year warranty to boot. These body side moldings will, not only, help protect your truck from flying debris, but add a touch of class to it as well. With this being said I would highly recommend you grab a set of these the next time your browsing our aftermarket accessories website. Until next week, this is the Captain signing off.

What is on the horzion for Team VMS? Will that childhood dream ever become a reality? Part 2
[ Posted By: Reezy on 12/8/2009 11:35:10 AM ] TOP OF PAGE

In recent months things have come up that haven't allowed me to race has much as I would have liked this past year. Its hard to sit there and see your equipment just sitting there not being used. It is hard to wake up and know that it is Saturday morning and your not at the track racing, really sucks! But to look on the bright side of things, I hope that next year can be a turn around year. Sitting out most of the year really made me realize how much I miss it getting to race. Racing seems to be in my bloodstream. I feel that it overrides my red and white blood cells. Racing is what keeps me sane. It takes my mind off of everything that is going on around me and all that matters is what's going on right now. When I get in the kart out on the starting grid, I can feel my heart pumping, everything around me seems to be in slow motion that's when I know its time to "do tha damn thing". Put my game face on, go out the and do the best I can with what I got. All this adrenaline coming from a kart that sits less than an inch off the ground with a 5 hp Briggs and Stratton pushing out nearly 13 hp at 75-80 mph around a High banked 1/4 paved oval track.

In time I hope to get a few things straight for next year. In the works will be the purchase of a new Rage EVO chassis. Have both of my race engines rebuilt and get a few new sets of tires ordered. With the right deals coming through I will hopefully be running the WKA Heartland Pavement Series in 2007. This series consists of three national races in the Heartland (Mid-West) of the USA. The first event of the 2007 Heartland Pavement Series Nationals will be June 1-3 at Mid State Raceway in Springfield, IL. Mid-State Raceway is a quick 1/5 mile asphalt tri-oval. Second stop for the 07 WKA H.P.S Nationals will be in beautiful Shawano, WI on July 13-15 at USA International Raceway, a fairly new karting facility about 35 miles west of Green Bay, WI. Aug 17-19 will see the third and final stop of the H.P.S Nationals at the lightening fast Jamaica Raceway, a 1/5 mile paved oval located in Jamaica, IA. With some help from my current sponsors I hope to make this dream a reality come next year. Along with, hopefully, making a run for a WKA National Championship, I will be also making some weekly racing appearances at two of my favorite local pavement kart tracks. Dacosa Speedway in Byahlia, MS and Tennessee Raceway in Dickson, TN. Some of those headlining events for 2007 will be Feb. 17th Dacosa All Star Event Dacosa Speedway, Feb. 24th Spring Fling Tennessee Raceway, June 30th 5th Annual Firecracker Shootout Dacosa Speedway, July 28th Race-Against-Arthritis Dacosa Speedway, Nov. 11th Fall Finale Tennessee Raceway. If the good Lord's willing and the creek's don't rise, I might be racing some big races next year! That, in turn, will complete chapter one of my childhood dream of racing with the big boys!

Stay tuned!

Reezy #83

Gobble, Gobble, Baby. Turkeys Could Help Fill Your Stomach AND Your Gas Tank!
[ Posted By: WiseOne on 12/8/2009 11:31:06 AM ] TOP OF PAGE

I read an interesting article today, on the Discover website, which I thought was so interesting that I would share it with you all. While reading this post I was reminded of that Back To The Future movie where the scientist used a garbage compactor to run his time machine. Well, people, we are making strides towards this end as we speak!

Allow me to elaborate; A company called Changing World Technologies in Carthage, Missouri has taken the first step towards the goal of turning garbage into energy sources. I am talking about what is called a Thermal Conversion Plant. This plant takes turkey waste from a Butterball plant, municipal sewage, and all kinds of other waste and makes what Americans love most (judging by the amount of traffic these days)...Black Gold, Texas Tea...oil that is! The oil is stated to be of such good quality, by chemists, that you don't even need a refinery to use it.

The oil that is produced from this waste is then taken to an oil company to be blended with fossil-fuel oils and the rest of the output is made into high-grade fertilizer, and the water discharge is benign enough to be dropped into the wastewater system.

They seem to be still working through some problems such as the smell, (having been fined several times by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources)andnbsp;normal costs of production, etc. The owners admit they have had some setbacks but they seem to be on the verge of a profit.

Awesome job Changing World Technologies, for all the you've overcome and done to this point. I, for one, wish you success in your venture. I would like to see you keep pushing this technology, as you never know what more might come of it in the future! To me it would be a tragedy to stop something with so much potential to drastically change our world due to the smell. I think it would be idiotic to be sure. Granted, I would not like the smell in my town, but surely we can find a way to alleviate it at, some point, to a reasonable level.

The idea that we could take most of our garbage and turn it into oil is awesome. We could keep billions of tons of garbage out of landfills, fill up our tanks, and at the same time deny Iran and Argentina billions of dollars in oil revenue...we can do more now than just dream is what I'm getting at...

— WiseOne Wuz Here
The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis. – Dante Alighieri

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