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Part 4: Project Reezy's Dream Truck comes to an end!
[ Posted By: Reezy on 12/8/2009 1:59:10 PM ] TOP OF PAGE

The time has come! Sadly the dreams have come to an end after today's blog. It's been a fun ride getting to share my dream vehicle with you all. Unlike most people who dream of one day own a Ferri or a Guinea (Ferrari/Lamborghini) as I like to call them. I tried to kept it simple and sweet andndash;something achievable. Anyone can dream of owning an exotic sports car, but how many actually get to own one? Well with Project Reezy's Dream Truck I like to think that it can be achievable goal.

Time for the run down! As stated in last weeks blog with the "Reezy Edition West Coast PreRunner", I am bringing the west coast off-road scene out to the east coast scene. This truck would be made to turn heads and get people to ask the questions, What is that?, Why did you lift a 2WD truck?, Can it go through mud?, What the hell is a PreRunner?, Does that thing have a Hemi?

As with the "Reezy Edition Super Truck" the "West Coast PreRunner" will be molded into a beautiful beast, starting life as a base model Bright White Dodge Ram Quad Cab 1500, 2-wheel drive truck with a 4.7L Magnum V8 engine. Starting out trying to find a suspension kit for a 2WD truck is not an easy task. More and more suspension companies are starting to offer 2WD suspension kits for Ford, Chevy, and Toyota as for those are the most popular vehicles to turn into PreRunners out on the West Coast. But being that I am looking to build a Dodge PreRunner I am automatically behind the 8-ball. After some research I found Doetsch Systems. They are the only ones that I have found that offer a 2WD suspension kit for the new style Dodge Ram trucks. Doetsch Systems offers a 6" front 3" rear bolt-on suspension lift kit. Being that this isn't going to be an all out PreRunner just a Ram with the PreRunner look to it, I'd go with this basic bolt-on suspension kit. In order to have an all out PreRunner I'd have to have a custom suspension system made in order to get the maximum wheel travel possible for the big desert jumps or east coast corn field bumps.

To help give the Dodge that ultimate PreRunner look is the custom fabricated front bumper with built-in crossmember skid plate on the front end. Mounted on the front bumper will be four KC HiLites Night Lamps for the midnight rides through the field. Gone will be the factory front fenders! Replacing them will be a set of Desert Racing Concepts fiberglass flared front fenders, for an extra 5" of tire clearance for the massive 35" Toyo Tires and American Racing ATX 17X8 Polished Mojave (Powder Coated Black) w/ Simulated Bead locks (Red) to tuck under. A T-Rex Billet Grille Inserts stuffed in the factory grille for a custom look. Also new to the exterior will be a set of TYC Black Taillights, Recon Smoked LED 3rd Brake Light, and an APC Hitch Mount Spare Tire Holder hold my spare American Racing ATX 17X8 Mojave wrapped in a 35" Toyo Tire .

Performance for the "West Coast PreRunner" will be upgraded with afew simple installs. Volant Cool Air Intake System for getting some extra cold air into the intake. AirAid Poweraid Spacer to help force more of the cold air into the intake. With all the extra cold air being force into the combustion chamber and mixing with the fuel mixture causing a cleaner air and fuel burn in turn making more horsepower. Factory exhaust system work great with a factory truck. Being that this Ram is going to have more air flow coming in the engine, means that more exhaust gases will be exiting. In order to help make it all flow in and out properly the "West Coast PreRunner" will have a killer sounding Magnaflow Dual Side Exit Exhaust System installed.

To round up the final upgrades on the Ram will be the interior. Simply put the interior is flashy enough. The only touches will be a stereo upgrade, with a Pioneer Head unit with Memphis Audio Highs and Mids, followed by two 10" Memphis subs tucked neatly under the rear seat with a Memphis Audio AMP powering the two beast for that simple boom boom in the rig. To add some extra shine to the interior will be a set of front and rear OEM Dodge Logo Stainless Door Entry Guards. The final touches will be a good tint job on the windows so everyone can player hate and wonder who is riding so fresh and so clean in this bad ma'ama jammin rizzide!

Dream Truck #2 The "REV 3" aka "Reezy Edition West Coast PreRunner"
Base Model Dodge Ram Quad Cab 1500 4x2 4.7L V8
Color Choice Bright White with Reezy Edition Flame Decal kit

A. Suspension
a. Doetsch Systems 2wd 6/3 Lift Kit
b. Doetsch Systems HV1 Series PreRunner Shocks with Reservoir
c. Custom Front Suspension Skid plate
B. Exterior
a. American Racing ATX 17X8 Polished Mojave (Powder Coated Black) w/ Simulated Bead locks (Red)
b. Recon Smoked LED 3rd Brake Light
c. TYC Black Taillights
d. T-REX Billet Grille Inserts
e. APC Hitch Mount Spare Tire Holder
f. Custom Front PreRunner Bumper with KC HiLites
g. Desert Racing Concepts Fiberglass PreRunner Flared Front Fenders
h. Desert Racing Concepts Fiberglass PreRunner Flared Bedsides
C. Performance
a. Volant Cool Air Intake System
b. AirAid Poweraid Spacer
c. Magnaflow Dual Side Exit Exhaust System like "FLASH"
D. Interior
a. OEM Dodge Ram Stainless Front Door Entry Guards
b. OEM Dodge Ram Stainless Rear Door Entry Guards
c. Smoke Tinted Windows

Until then keep watching out cause one day "we be rollin, they hatin, tryin to catch me ridin dirty"

Reezy's Out!

Hybrid Atima? It's about time
[ Posted By: Launchpad on 12/8/2009 1:50:23 PM ] TOP OF PAGE

Nissan has announced its first entry into the hybrid gas-electric market with the 2007 Nissan Altima Hybrid. Those keeping in touch understand that this is somewhat of a fickle adventure for Nissan as Carlos Ghosn has expressed his concern that Hybrid vehicles are not the answer to our many environment problems nor will it cure our dependency on oil.

And Nissan's uneasiness shows as a good number of patents have been derived from Toyota's stockpile for the build. The '07 Altima is a new design all-around and in my opinion Nissan needs a hybrid offering to keep up with the pack, but it seems that even they are unsure if it will be the right horse for the race.

Standard model Altimas go on sale in the U.S. late in '06 and the hybrid comes to select states first in early '07. Meat and potato's is a 2.5L gas/electric motor coupled with the CVT transmission which is now a popular option in many Nissan vehicles such as the Maxima, Sentra, Versa, and Murano among others. For you number crunchers out there, 198 is the number of ponys you can expect, and EPA rates are 41 in the city and 36 on the highway, respectively. It will be built in the Smyrna, TN. plant along side the Frontier pickup, Xterra SUV, and Maxima.

In the past the Altima has been a very reliable vehicle and the new models equipped with the 3.5L V-6 are practically land rockets but this new hybrid shows that Nissan is not as secure as one might think. I mean they are borrowing patents to build a hybrid, that means they haven't done any of there own research or development. Plus many other corporations have already come out with hybrid cars so this leaves Nissan somewhat left behind. If I had to guess I'd say that if the hybrid version doesn't do well, it will get the axe quick. On a lighter note, the standard Altima will most likely enjoy good sales as it has for some 20 years now.

Time will tell as in all things, and in the automotive business, you can never tell what the future holds.

Maybe Dodge's New Body Design?......I Hope Not!
[ Posted By: Carver on 12/8/2009 1:46:41 PM ] TOP OF PAGE

So today I was looking at some concept cars from Dodge, and I found this one truck that they are designing. Now I don't know if it is what they are going to go to in the future, but I am not a fan of it at all. I was just informed that I shouldn't look at concept vehicles and say that they are ugly. C'mon boss, I thought you were supposed to be on my side! I know when I first got shown the new 07' Silverado that I didn't like it at all. Maybe one day I will eat my words on this, but I highly doubt that this design will ever make it to the market.

This thing is a van with a bed. Supposedly it says that it will have a overhead camera in the vehicle, so that I can watch the kids. When I purchase a truck, I don't buy it to haul the kids around in. I buy it to go mudding in and haul stuff, like a dead deer I just killed, or maybe even tailgating with my friends at a football game. My truck is not the soccer mom wagon. Maybe I am overreacting, who knows.


Lets ask Flash: Form or Function?
[ Posted By: Gerwin on 12/8/2009 1:39:05 PM ] TOP OF PAGE

Before beginning this week's blog, I would like to start out by throwing out a thought to my reading audience; When, (and if), you start to consider an upgrade to your ride, do you generally do this out of want, or necessity? As your digesting that food for thought, allow me to dive into my mad ramblings...

I'd like to draw on the already well-beaten-horse-of-a-topic concerning my recent trip to North Carolina. A recreational trip by definition, but also an educational one as well. Allow me to explain; Thus far in Flash's life, the majority of upgrades I've made to this heap of iron have been purely functional. The Airaid Cold Air Intake, Throttle Body Spacer, and the MagnaFlow Dual Exhaust System are by all accounts, a performance upgrade. (Although on some level I would consider the Exhaust System an aesthetic one as well...hehehe..) These additions have aided in Flash's performance and overall fuel economy, thus falling under the category of functional. However, my recent trip to the Smoky Mountains gave me good cause to make yet another upgrade to the Truck's already startling physique...but is it on a functional or aesthetic level???

Let me just start out by saying that its not a real great feeling tracking Grey, chunky-style mud into the interior of a basically new truck. Despite all my preventive maintenance of sturdier, aftermarket floor mats coupled with some bath towels, I still managed to do a fine job of getting some muddy-looking water on my carpet. And during such times of frustration, I thought to myself, how can I keep this garbage out of my truck...knowing full-well that the situation might arise again? And at that very moment, I saw a buddy of mine climbing into his rig to move it to a parking area. BUT, before doing so, he gently banged his boots against his black, powder-coated step bars. The result of this was knocking mud, gravel, and other debris off of his feet before sliding them inside on the floor mats. Weeellllll....looky there!

Of course, my first thought was, "Man, Flash would look killer with a nice set of Chrome Step Bars.." So the thought of keeping dirt off the floor mats and carpet had escaped me altogether and was quickly replaced by how the truck would LOOK.. But would that not be an addition that would serve the purpose of both schools of thought? Well, I should think so!

Well, as you may have guessed...looks like its time to start some Step Bar shopping. *Sigh* It just never ends.

Let's ask Flash Part 2: The Sound and the Fury
[ Posted By: Gerwin on 12/8/2009 1:27:26 PM ] TOP OF PAGE

Touching on last week's blog, I am still in the process of researching a set of Step Bars for the F-One Fiddy. There are actually quite a few things to look at when choosing the right parts for your truck, including Style, material used, finish, manufacturer, among other things. In fact it was me pacing around the truck that actually provided content for this week's Blog; a candid conversation with Flash.

"So Flash, what do ya think? Chrome Step Bars or maybe Powder Coated Black?" I asked.

"Well to be honest with you Gerwin, I'm kinda feeling some Chrome 4" Ovals myself" he replied. "I mean I know your trying to stay with a black motif and everything, but I really need something to match the exhaust pipes."

"So true Flash, so true." I answered "But now were talking more dollars here. Powder coat black would look pretty nice in my opinion too."

This is the point where I knew I had made a mistake... Flash looked at me with his evil eye...

"Yessss, that's right Gerwin. Always think about the money before you consider my feelings. You know good and well that Chrome would look great, jutting out from under the doors and flashing in the sunlight. And incidentally, what happened to that Jet Chip you promised me huh? And seat covers? I've been waiting on that for what, like, a year now?? Oh! And what happened to the Recon LED Third Brake Light that you told me was soooooo cool. Well, I'll tell ya I don't feel a whole lot brighter when slowing down!"

"Now you listen here Flash... You're running Mobil 1 Synthetic. The best oil on the market! You think that's cheap?? And anyway, don't act like I don't spend time and money on you. What's that sound you hear when accelerating? Hmmmm? Oh yeah, that's right, a COLD AIR INTAKE. You know good and well that business didn't come from the factory. So don't give me any sob story about how I don't give you upgrades on a regular basis."

" Yeah, oh yeah Gerwin I'm running Mobile 1...with a freaking Fram Filter!" He snapped back..."And it was really, really nice when you changed it 8,000 miles ago. Oh yeah I'm sooo grateful for that. You bet the CAI sounds great going down the road. Especially when you start feeling froggy and freaking Hammer it to the floor just for the sheer fun of it. Oh, and my personal favorite, is when you get out in the field and do countless donuts for no reason at all. Man that just really helps me sleep at night. see these water-spots on the hood?? Huh? Ya see them? Those aren’t going away on they're own ya goon. Its called WAX Gerwin...WAX."

Well, it was becoming blatantly clear that I was going to lose this one. Flash was right. Promises had gone unfulfilled. New parts had gone uninstalled. I'm just glad he didn't bring up the time I played that Kenny G Live CD. Man I didn't think I would ever live that one down...

Mobile TV Grows To $1.1 Billion. Just What Already Distracted Drivers Need Now.
[ Posted By: WiseOne on 12/8/2009 11:53:40 AM ] TOP OF PAGE

Just when you think drivers couldn't possibly find anything more to distract them and cause more accidents with all the gadgets they could possibly fathom such as cell phones, navigation systems, lipstick, laptops, eating while driving, and the list goes on and steps the in-dash television. I like to refer to it as in-dash idiocy.

What more idiotic thing could American drivers need now than an in-dash television. Whoa, people, this is getting ridiculous now. The maker of the system I am talking about, KVH Industries, states that while in motion the television changes into a navigation system. That is all fine and dandy, but the problem is that people WILL, undoubtedly, find a way to allow them to watch TV while driving.

The only good thing I can see about the system is that it's price tag ($2,995 plus $44.95/month for satellite service) will hinder may people from getting it at this point, thankfully. But, when the price does drop, and it will, watch out on the sidewalks and make sure your kids stay far away from the the edge of the sidewalks, especially around stoplights.
View This Junk.

—WiseOne Wuz Here
...forgive your enemies, but never forget their names –John F. Kennedy

Pontiac And Holden, Can't These Guys Just Get a Room?
[ Posted By: Launchpad on 12/8/2009 11:46:42 AM ] TOP OF PAGE

Word on the digital street is that GM has put the green light on the Holden based Pontiac Grand Prix. In talking to different car buddy's of mine the common response is not upbeat. Many look at the GTO and fear that another Holden-Pontiac cross breed won't be the correct answer, citing GTO's mild looks and how they don't resemble the old goats that we know and love. Other opinions are of GTO's below par handling abilities and somewhat shoddy interior.

My view on the whole thing is strangely good, as any of my close friends will tell you that I am a hopeless pessimist ( I say that I am a realist. ) that lives by Murphy's law. As I see it General Motors idea to turn Pontiac into a rear-drive sportier division is the right direction, one that should have happened years ago. Holden is doing great work in their home country of Australia, selling cars like nobody's business and producing some fine sport variants in the meantime. Not to mention that the chassis structure in the Commodore will work for the Grand Prix and the upcoming Camaro. This makes since even to the lowliest of bean counters.

As far as the now out of production GTO, I think it was a pretty cool car. The Sleek look was almost stealth like, instead of being a "Hey look at me! I'm Fast! Give me a Freaking speeding ticket. NOW!" type car, its looks were a little more subdued. And in the handling and interior department, come on people. This car was around 30 grand brand new, not 40 or 50. It's not gonna be a Corvette or a Porsche. And even so, in the right hands this car will do things that would make your grandma's Camry throw up and pass out. Not to mention that straight line acceleration is on par with any hotrod in its price range then and now.

So looking back I say go for it GM! The pre-production photos of the car look great and you know there gonna stuff a big horse power motor in there for the SS version. The masses could use another modern day American hotrod priced below 50 grand. I wonder if it will be as fun as the old 1969 models with the 455 mill. One can only dream.

DeeZee, 29 Years and Still Kicking
[ Posted By: Captain Brent on 12/8/2009 11:38:16 AM ] TOP OF PAGE

In this weeks blog I would like to discuss another one of the many vendors we carry, DeeZee. Based in Des Moines, Iowa, DeeZee has been creating aftermarket accessories for over 29 years. Dee Zee announced their arrival with the introduction of 12 custom fit brite-tread or extruded aluminum running board applications at the 1977 Sema show in Las Vegas. After 29 years Dee Zee still continues to raise the bar on providing the end consumer a quality, custom fit product that they can enjoy for many years to come.

Now that you know a little about the company I would like to focus on one particular item we carry of theirs, body side molding. DeeZee offers body side molding in stainless steel finish and offers it for a variety of vehicles; including the Ford F-150, Chevy Silverado and Dodge Ram. These stainless steel pieces attach easily to lower doors of your ride via 3M automotive tape. They work with or without running boards and come with a one year warranty to boot. These body side moldings will, not only, help protect your truck from flying debris, but add a touch of class to it as well. With this being said I would highly recommend you grab a set of these the next time your browsing our aftermarket accessories website. Until next week, this is the Captain signing off.

What is on the horzion for Team VMS? Will that childhood dream ever become a reality? Part 2
[ Posted By: Reezy on 12/8/2009 11:35:10 AM ] TOP OF PAGE

In recent months things have come up that haven't allowed me to race has much as I would have liked this past year. Its hard to sit there and see your equipment just sitting there not being used. It is hard to wake up and know that it is Saturday morning and your not at the track racing, really sucks! But to look on the bright side of things, I hope that next year can be a turn around year. Sitting out most of the year really made me realize how much I miss it getting to race. Racing seems to be in my bloodstream. I feel that it overrides my red and white blood cells. Racing is what keeps me sane. It takes my mind off of everything that is going on around me and all that matters is what's going on right now. When I get in the kart out on the starting grid, I can feel my heart pumping, everything around me seems to be in slow motion that's when I know its time to "do tha damn thing". Put my game face on, go out the and do the best I can with what I got. All this adrenaline coming from a kart that sits less than an inch off the ground with a 5 hp Briggs and Stratton pushing out nearly 13 hp at 75-80 mph around a High banked 1/4 paved oval track.

In time I hope to get a few things straight for next year. In the works will be the purchase of a new Rage EVO chassis. Have both of my race engines rebuilt and get a few new sets of tires ordered. With the right deals coming through I will hopefully be running the WKA Heartland Pavement Series in 2007. This series consists of three national races in the Heartland (Mid-West) of the USA. The first event of the 2007 Heartland Pavement Series Nationals will be June 1-3 at Mid State Raceway in Springfield, IL. Mid-State Raceway is a quick 1/5 mile asphalt tri-oval. Second stop for the 07 WKA H.P.S Nationals will be in beautiful Shawano, WI on July 13-15 at USA International Raceway, a fairly new karting facility about 35 miles west of Green Bay, WI. Aug 17-19 will see the third and final stop of the H.P.S Nationals at the lightening fast Jamaica Raceway, a 1/5 mile paved oval located in Jamaica, IA. With some help from my current sponsors I hope to make this dream a reality come next year. Along with, hopefully, making a run for a WKA National Championship, I will be also making some weekly racing appearances at two of my favorite local pavement kart tracks. Dacosa Speedway in Byahlia, MS and Tennessee Raceway in Dickson, TN. Some of those headlining events for 2007 will be Feb. 17th Dacosa All Star Event Dacosa Speedway, Feb. 24th Spring Fling Tennessee Raceway, June 30th 5th Annual Firecracker Shootout Dacosa Speedway, July 28th Race-Against-Arthritis Dacosa Speedway, Nov. 11th Fall Finale Tennessee Raceway. If the good Lord's willing and the creek's don't rise, I might be racing some big races next year! That, in turn, will complete chapter one of my childhood dream of racing with the big boys!

Stay tuned!

Reezy #83

Gobble, Gobble, Baby. Turkeys Could Help Fill Your Stomach AND Your Gas Tank!
[ Posted By: WiseOne on 12/8/2009 11:31:06 AM ] TOP OF PAGE

I read an interesting article today, on the Discover website, which I thought was so interesting that I would share it with you all. While reading this post I was reminded of that Back To The Future movie where the scientist used a garbage compactor to run his time machine. Well, people, we are making strides towards this end as we speak!

Allow me to elaborate; A company called Changing World Technologies in Carthage, Missouri has taken the first step towards the goal of turning garbage into energy sources. I am talking about what is called a Thermal Conversion Plant. This plant takes turkey waste from a Butterball plant, municipal sewage, and all kinds of other waste and makes what Americans love most (judging by the amount of traffic these days)...Black Gold, Texas Tea...oil that is! The oil is stated to be of such good quality, by chemists, that you don't even need a refinery to use it.

The oil that is produced from this waste is then taken to an oil company to be blended with fossil-fuel oils and the rest of the output is made into high-grade fertilizer, and the water discharge is benign enough to be dropped into the wastewater system.

They seem to be still working through some problems such as the smell, (having been fined several times by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources)andnbsp;normal costs of production, etc. The owners admit they have had some setbacks but they seem to be on the verge of a profit.

Awesome job Changing World Technologies, for all the you've overcome and done to this point. I, for one, wish you success in your venture. I would like to see you keep pushing this technology, as you never know what more might come of it in the future! To me it would be a tragedy to stop something with so much potential to drastically change our world due to the smell. I think it would be idiotic to be sure. Granted, I would not like the smell in my town, but surely we can find a way to alleviate it at, some point, to a reasonable level.

The idea that we could take most of our garbage and turn it into oil is awesome. We could keep billions of tons of garbage out of landfills, fill up our tanks, and at the same time deny Iran and Argentina billions of dollars in oil revenue...we can do more now than just dream is what I'm getting at...

— WiseOne Wuz Here
The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis. – Dante Alighieri

Large Car Company Seeking Mindless Drones...
[ Posted By: Launchpad on 12/8/2009 11:29:07 AM ] TOP OF PAGE

You know every once in awhile you just get really irritated by something. Lately, for me its been those horrendous commercials with Toby Keith prancing around and making absolutely sure that I am aware he is a Ford truck man. Yeah Toby, thanks for the heads up. If I have to listen to that man tell me his thoughts on Dearborn's pickup trucks in musical format one more time....I don't care what he drives! Or, for that matter, what any other rich and famous person does, at least not when I'm considering what vehicle I want to own. Don't get me wrong, if Toby wants to make some money endorsing an American made truck, then that's biscuits and gravy to me. More power to him. I can't say I wouldn't do the same if I were him.

But I think car companies would have more success marketing thier carriages with the tried and true features and benefits approach. You know, the old educate and inform routine. Tell us what's great about the car or truck, why is your product gonna make me happy as a consumer, sell me on it. Market the car with great pictures that are appealing, report the facts honestly. After all, honesty is something we Americans do without entirely too much as a free nation. Make me wanna buy that vehicle because its a well built, attractive, functional machine that I would be happy to own. If its even possible for the big three to do this anymore.

I guess what I'm trying to get at is to stop using big name actors, athletes, and musicians to tell me what I want. I, and I feel the rest of us, know what we want. We're just waiting on you to sell us on it.

Gerwins Wheels: Now and then...
[ Posted By: Gerwin on 12/8/2009 11:27:55 AM ] TOP OF PAGE

As many of you in the reading audience may have noticed, the majority of my blogs have contained my Pickup as a central theme for content. From the aftermarket parts I have chosen, to the bitter and cold-hearted argument we had last week, I tend to use that Ford for a lot of material. However, a few days ago Iandnbsp;foundandnbsp;some datedandnbsp;picturesandnbsp;from the college days and stumbled upon a few picsandnbsp;of my last vehicle; an 87 Monte Carlo SS. Of course, my first thought was MAN, I sure do miss that car...but do I really?

This heavy-Chevy was my primary vehicle while living in Nashville, Tennessee for well over a year. Now, if you've never lived in the fast-paced urban environment of a large city, let me be the first to tell you; it’s a lethal cocktail for cars. Especially for a mid-80's, carbureted Chevrolet. Constant stop-and-go traffic, people cutting you off daily, and roads that rival ATV trails are typicalandnbsp;of a large metropolitan area. But in thinking back I realized that it wasn't the roads or traffic that spurred me to get another ride...It was that freakin' car!

My typical work day went about like this: Rising with the sun, I had to be at work around 7:30 in the morning, with an average commute of around 20 minutes. Soandnbsp;this means I had to venture into the parking lot around 7am to get the car going. No need to bother with keys to unlock the door, they hadn't worked in years! Climbing into the seat, I was always just thrilled to be met with wet seats after a good rain, since the T-tops leaked without mercy all over the interior. (After a while I just started remembering to bring a bath-towel with me.) Inserting a key into the ignition was perilous; sometimes it would turn, sometimes it wouldn't. That’s why I always kept my trusty can of WD-40 laying somewhere in the floor-board...

After a few good shots of that, the key would turn, but refused to start until after I had pumped the Gas pedal no less than 10 times. would fire up for a total of 3 seconds, then die....repeat process...repeat process again...and finally, after 3-4 tries, it would start. Although the first 30 seconds of running, it sounded eerily like a helicopter, producing a smoke screen from the exhaust pipes that more than likely kept mosquitoes out of the greater Nashville area. But after running for a good 4-5 minutes, eventually it smoothed out and actually became drivable. Fall or Springandnbsp;was the ideal time to drive the Monte Carlo, as it didn't have fancy things like Air Conditioning or a Heater.

Let me be the first to tell you that Rain-X is a valuable thing! Not that the windshield wipers didn't work- they just didn't work in the rain. Traveling down the interstate was actually a great exercise in keeping your wits keen; the Speedometer having loooong ago given up the ghost, so you always had to guess how fast you were going. Oil pressure was a bit of a mystery as well- Who knew a V8 could run on 4psi??? Certainly a tribute to the endurance of the 305 Chevy Small Block. Other than that, the only thing I had to worry about was keeping extra quarts of oil lying around. Funny; No one ever told me that a fresh quart every 500 miles was 'notandnbsp;normal'.

*sigh* Yeah, I really do miss that car.

[ Posted By: Gerwin on 12/8/2009 11:15:18 AM ] TOP OF PAGE

Jumping off of last week's blog, you all know that I made the well-researched decision to purchase a Magnaflow Exhaust System for the F-One-Fiddy. So with great anticipation, I watched the shipping status via Fed-Ex's website until the day it arrived. Vacant of any colorful decals or banners, my new Stainless Steel Cat-Back system arrived in a rather bland, brown box with minimal advertising. However, this didn't surprise me quite as much as picking the box up and heaving into the back of the truck; Holy cow it was light! I pondered whether or not there was actually an exhaust hidden in the box at all. But of course there was.

Originally I was going to wait and install the system over the weekend, but you know that wasn't happening, so just as soon as I got home I tore into the box. Expertly packed in a form-fitting mold, Magnaflow even took the time to wrap both the muffler and chrome tips in thick bubble wrap to ensure no scratches. Installation was so absurdly simple, I felt like a full-fledged mechanic after I was done. In fact, removing the factory exhaust, (which incidentally weighed about 70 lbs), was by far more difficult than installing the new one.

As previously mentioned, most of the newer Magnaflow cat-back systems are no-weld applications. -Yeah, I couldn't figure it out either. Turns out that there is a large, 5" clamp held by two 5/8" nuts anchoring the mid-pipe to the factory muffler. This clamp is simple enough to overcome, however, loosening it up won't get you far; There were still four different exhaust system "hangers" suspending the gargantuan factory muffler and exit pipe.

*cracks open a cold-one*

The hangers used 10mm bolts which were stuck directly into the frame, but a quick turn of a ratchet freed them up easily. Snaking the factory system out from under the truck was no easy task either. Once that was all said and done, fitting the new exhaust was nearly a reverse process of getting the old one off. I used the factory clamp and an existing hanger and BAM, its on and done!

And how does it sound? Incredible- so much better than the sound clips available on Maganflow's Website- words cannot do it justice. Its more of a deep rumble at idle and gradually rises to a loud rumble with acceleration. I was thankful that there was none of that annoying "cackle" you get with some aftermarket systems. If you ask me you might as well being running open headers. I am, however, pleased as punch to say the least with this purchase. Haven't checked the mileage yet, but I suspect an improvement will be mentioned in next week's blog!

Dodge Ram Tuner!! Whoo Hoo!!
[ Posted By: Carver on 12/8/2009 11:12:24 AM ] TOP OF PAGE

Okay, so about a month ago I had the experience of getting to test a Superchips Micro Tuner Programmer for my Dodge Ram. All I could say was, "WOW!" I noticed a difference with this from the beginning. As we all know, Dodge has a horrible transmission, or at least my 01 Ram does. In the past, I would punch on the gas, and the RPM's would redline and the transmission wouldn't want to shift. This would always just tick me off when I was running from the cops, trying to escape from my meth lab. That's a lie.

Anyway's, we went through the simple process of hooking this thing up to my truck. Right when you hook it up, it's easy going from there on out. All you have to do is answer the questions, and it will change your vehicle settings to the new specifications.

Guys this thing was a blast to have on my truck. It gave me better fuel mileage and more power. But all goods things have to come to an end. They made me take it off of my truck. Talk about a downer. I would recommend each and everyone of you to go out and get you a Superchips Micro Tuner Programmer.

What is a Dynaride?
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Two guys up at work have Buick's and each has the label "Dynaride" on the dash inside, so I wanted to do some investigating to find out exactly what Dynaride stands for. Below is basically what I found out.
Dynaride means that the rear shocks have an electronic level control. There is a sensor mounted to the rear suspension that will detect compression and raise the vehicle as weight is added .. The sensor does this by sensing this downward movement and starting an air compressor which is mounted under the hood (left fender area). This compressor pumps air into the rear shocks compensating the additional load, so the car remains at proper level all the time. If you start the engine with a delay of about 20 secs the compressor should run for a few seconds to build up the minimal pressure the system needs. If the engine is stopped also with some delay of 30 sec. the release valve opens to vent out all the air. In a nutshell this is the definition of Dynaride and man is it a SMOOTH RIDE>>>

Whoa Dudes! This Mini Is Sweet! 80mpg? 150 mph? British Innovation.
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This little Mini is "bad" in a "good" way! Just today I was reading an article about this 80mpg Electric Hybrid Mini and thought I would research a wee bit and let you all in on what I found! I was thinking, "WOW! 80 miles per gallon and NO emissions!". Each wheel has it's own in-wheel electric drive system! Now that's so radical that you might get thrown in jail here in the US for coming up with something like that! :)

According to the engineers at PML Flightlink...

" Some key features are:

  • Independent Quad Electric Drive
  • Traction control and anti skid built into each wheel
  • Regenerative braking recovers almost all energy
  • Blistering acceleration and high top speed
  • Around 80 mpg via onboard engine / generator
  • No need to recharge ( although you can if you wish)
  • Seriously attractive and feature rich in car display
  • more... "

  • Listen up, people, I am certainly no tree-hugger, yet I actually am impressed with this! Just picture all the oil barons' faces if we all put orders in for an 80-mile-per-gallon speedster! Whoa, there would be weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth down at the local gas stations to be sure! Perhaps their yachts might not leave their docks every night, just every other night; now wouldn't that be sad?

    Well, sadly enough, we'll have to wait a long time before we get our hands on one of these Electric Hybrid Mini Cooper's as this one took 8 mos. to complete and the designers are not opening up a factory anytime soon from the looks of things.

    -- WiseOne Wuz Here!
    "A ship in harbor is safe -- but that's not what ships were made for." -John A. Shedd

    The history of the Green Beast by the Captain of the Green Beast
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    The Green Beast, so named by WiseOne of AutoTruckBlog fame is my 1994 Chevrolet S-10. It was named this because of its color: 2 tone teal green and silver. Bought brand new in 1994 for around $13,000, I can honestly say it's the best investment I have ever made. Going on 150,000 miles, the only major thing I've had to replace is the transmission. At around 80,000 miles, the new transmission has almost driven as far as the original.

    The Green Beast was born in New Jersey and was shipped to me in Ohio where it lived for about 4 years until it moved to Kentucky. Going on its 13th birthday, it has seen some of this country's farms and fields, including an all night trip to Panama City, Florida for Spring Break one year. When the Green Beast was only a few months old it got its stereo system upgraded. It had and still has two 10" Pioneer subwoofers, along with 5" speakers in the doors, 3" tweeters in the rear, two tweeters in the doors and two 3" x 5" full range speakers in the dash. Pushing the speakers is a Lanzar Opti 500 and a Rockford Fosgate Punch 40 pushing the subs. Along with its new stereo update the Green Beast's exterior got a face lift as well. A pair of GTS blackout headlight covers, a bug shield and a tonneau cover along with a fine tint job completed its transformation.

    Over time, the headlight covers are gone as is the the tonneau cover. The tint job is peeling and the bug shield is faded, but still attached. But just like a fine wine, the Green Beast gets better with age. Although there are many new trucks out there today I won't trade the Beast in until it breaths its last breath for 2 reasons. The first reason is I couldn't afford to. With new car prices these days and the price of gas increasing daily I struggle to make it week to week as it is. Secondly, I can't see myself driving anything else. Its like we are married: for better or worse till death do us part.

    Well that's my story on the Green Beast, 13 years old and still kicking (knock on wood). In closing: Men, after you brush your teeth, tuck your kids into bed and kiss your wife good night, sneak back down to the garage and give that special, hard working, and dependable automobile of yours a BIG OL HUG, and if its not any of those then kick it....

    Well its been a fun ride!
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    As happens every so often, something comes up where I have to take a break from the hobby I love! Racing! We are currently in the process of trying to sell off all of our racing karts. Hopefully it will be a quick turn-around and I can get something together for next year's race season! If I can get my plan off the ground with some sponsorship help, then I might have a Grand National Sportsman car together over the winter to run at the Legendary Music City Motorplex, a 5/8 mile High Banked Oval in Nashville,TN.

    Until then I will just have to get my racing fix by watching the NASCAR Chase for the Cup and playing my NASCAR 07 PS2 Game that I purchased last night. Below is a link to pics of the karts that are for sale.

    An 05 Rage Dagger - former Shane James Kart
    04 and 03 Rage Daggers - both Tunica Winners and former Kevin Swindell karts!

    Thanks for the great times!

    Thanks again!

    Roy Vaughn III #83

    Vaughn Motorsports

    Paris, Tn

    What size wheels do you have on your vehicle?
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    What size wheels do you have on your vehicle? Have you noticed that the average size of wheels, even factory ones, have increased drastically. It seems just yesterday that I had a Chevy Silverado and it came factory with 15'' wheels. Gone are those days of the small wheels. Go take a look at a local dealership and see what I have seen. I would take a guess and say that the average size tire and wheels on new vehicles would be 18'' or 20''.

    Wheels have definitely gotten bigger. It is not just factory wheels that have grown, aftermarket wheels are leading the industry in the "competition" of making the biggest wheels. We here at Autotucktoys are selling the biggest set of wheels I have ever heard of, 28" Wheels. They are made for a Hummer, which is a big vehicle, but do you need 28''?

    I guess what I am really wondering is if this is fad that will eventual fade away or will they continue to get bigger. How big will they get?

    Just a Thought.


    The Off-Road King Gets An Overhaul.
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    The Jeep Wrangler will be an all new design for 2007. The history of Jeep Wrangler is as American as it gets. They have been around since WWII, serving as transport vehicles for our troops. When the boys came home demand for the Jeep brought it to the civilian market where it became an all-terrain icon. Many years have passed since, yet the Jeep Wrangler is still the go to rig for outdoor fun.

    The 2007 model, code-named JK, is taller, longer, wider, and is now offered in two and four door trim. Because its bigger, riders will be pleased with the increase in shoulder and leg room, as well as larger rear cargo area with lockable, under floor, compartment. Throw in an up-sized (and lockable) glove-box and optional techno nanny's such as roll mitigation and stability control along with a new drive by wire electronically controlled throttle body that changes the throttle response curve when in low gear so you crawl over stuff instead of launching off it (or whatever your pleasure) and your smile will show through all that mud and dirt your bound to slosh in and out of over and over again.
    Other new options are power windows and locks (for the fist time), Sirius radio, and a Harman Kardon audio/nav system with 6.5" color touch screen and available 20gig hard drive which can store MP3s and JPEG photos. Past power trains have been given the axe to make way for a new 3.8L mill producing 205 horsepower and 240 pounds of torque. Transmissions come in six-speed manual and four speed automatic. All this translates to 17 city and 19 highway ratings in fuel economy.

    The top end Rubicons benefit from front and rear live axles, Off-Road Rock Trac two-speed transfer case with super low 4.0:1 low range, 17" tires, electronic front and rear lockers, driver controlled electronic disconnecting front anti-roll bar (allows for more wheel travel), reworked suspension geometry, and Brake Lock Differentials to stop a spinning tire and increase power distribution to the other wheel. Trim packages other than the Rubicon, will be offered in form of X, and Sahara models.

    Most of the time when a vehicle goes under the scalpel it comes out of surgery not being the person we married. Thankfully, the 2007 Wrangler has grown into a better riding, more spacious ground pounder without sacrificing its rock-crawling credentials. Visit for your Jeep Accessories fix.

    Don Don Don....Dont Believe the Hype!!!!
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    Installing the new Magnaflow Exhaust system may possibly have been the best investment I have made for my truck yet. I'm so pleased with the purchase on both an Aesthetic and Functional level, it truly begs the question as to why I didn't buy one sooner. Its almost as if I've transformed the rather ordinary, stock F-One-Fiddy into a unique, head turning street machine. But allow me to digress; I'm by no means bragging on it. Rather, I'm just pleased with what a simple, 30 minute upgrade can do for my truck- and yours too.

    For one thing, the sound is incredible. It simply purrs at a perfect decibel level during idle, and is by no means loud during casual driving. In fact, I can still speak and listen freely while talking on my cell phone, whether traveling at highway Speeds or during monotonous stop and go traffic. The rumble never becomes overpowering, and travels just enough to make people turn around and give you a glance.

    Secondly, the look is killer. Just barely edging out of the truck's side, it gives one just enough view to see the steel, while not sticking out and looking gaudy. Even better is Magnaflow doesn't just throw some chrome plating on some weak carbon steel; We are talking about Polished Stainless Steel backed by a lifetime warranty. Its simply a deal you can't beat, and one you can't get with other aftermarket exhaust companies.

    Although not profound, a power increase has been noticed- particularly in the midrange. Not a bad thing to have during passing traffic or lane merging on Interstates. Particularly I see a little extra pull some where in the 2,500~3,500 RPM range. An increase in low-range torque has not been seen, but with a 373 rear end, that's not surprising.

    Finally, a gas mileage increase has been seen! Per an experiment conducted last week, I've seen an increase of about 1.8 mpg under light highway driving. Thus resulting in a maximum of 18.6 miles per gallon with the new exhaust installed. Not bad considering the size of the truck. I would wager that longer interstate-style travel might result in breaking the 19 mpg mark, but with no trips planned in the near future, that will have to wait.

    A Special Commitment!
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    Buying parts for your truck, is similar in many ways to buying a ring for your girl. You have made a special commitment to your truck, as you have for that special someone. When you go to a jeweler, you expect them to be good and dependable with their selection of rings and service.

    Well at you will get special care in finding what you want for your vehicle. Once you get everything that your truck deserves, then you will be married to it for life, kinda like when you get the ring for her. You know you both are always going to be happy, or at least until one of them breaks down. Ha ha ha!

    I Remember When Gas Was a Dollar a Gallon!
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    Not too long ago an analyst by the name of Philip K. Verleger predicted a staggering increase in fuel prices. Recently he stated that prices will fall just as quick to around $1.15 a gallon, citing such reasons as decreased fighting in the middle east, a forecasted warmer winter, and lack of major hurricane activity. Other experts have agreed to a lesser extent, the average saying around $2.00 a gallon by thanksgiving. Amidst all this speculation is a whole lot of blogging, debating, and arguing.

    This particular issue has brought out many topics despite the seemingly happy news. Conservatives and liberals fight about the war, the president, and the road ahead. Others look suspiciously at big oil and assume its another trick to increase their earnings. Some worry that low gas prices will take away recent focus on alternative fuels, hybrid vehicle development, and global warming.

    And, as Americans, we all look towards Ford, GM, and Crysler and wonder what the future holds for working middle and lower class citizens.

    Simple Addition and Subtraction?
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    Simple Addition and Subtraction?

    Since we have been able to comprehend numbers we learned the definition of addition and subtraction. Addition is the increasing of something. Subtraction is the reduction of something. I have to come find out that these definitions are not always true.

    I went out to eat with my family a few weeks ago at a local restaurant. We decided to go Mexican, my favorite. As I was ready to order I noticed that the meal I wanted came with sour cream , which I despise. I continued to order and asked my waitress to leave off the dreaded condiment. Then my wife, to my surprise, orders a side of sour cream to go with her meal. This was all fine and well until we received the bill. Simple addition and subtraction right. My meal came with sour cream and wife's did not which should equal no charge. Think again, we were charged for her sour cream.

    The world that teaches us from a very young age that Math is important does not always follow the equations we are taught. Just today I read two conflicting articles. The first article I read contained the "Top Ten" sold vehicles for the first six months of this year, in which the Ford Truck was number one. This is great for Ford, and you would think that, financially, if you had the number one selling vehicle your company would be flourishing. This company should be adding jobs and factories. Not so fast. The second article I read today told of Ford cutting 10,000 jobs and closing plants. The company said the changes are needed to end financial losses and remake itself into a smaller, more competitive car company.

    I know that there are many variables that cause a business not to succeed. Just selling vehicles is just one aspect of the automobile industry. Which proves that simple addition and subtraction is not always as it seems.

    Don't believe it? The next time you go out to eat leave something off your sandwich and see if you get a reduction on your bill.

    Choosing the Vehicle for Your Personality.
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    How do you know if your choosing the right vehicle for yourself? Do you like power, looks, or just the ability to pimp your vehicle to make it look fly? Any vehicle that you purchase is going to reflect you in some form or fashion. Most the time people that purchase big oversized trucks, are usually outdoor people who work a lot and tow stuff around. If your like me it could be, that you just love to take it into some mud every now and again. I recommend not to do that, i.e. rip apart your front axle and four-wheel drive hubs.

    Maybe your a luxury car kind of person that likes to show off your money, or just love the fact that your car is gorgeous and not everybody can have it. I don't despise you, I just dislike the way you show off. Whatever kind of person you are and however you act, just choose the vehicle that fits your personality.

    Flash's Big Adventure Pt. 1
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    Keeping pace with last week blog, I'm still thoroughly satisfied with the incredible sound produced from the new Maganflow Cat-Back Exhaust System. Coupled with a power increase and a stylish look, it was definitely an investment worth making. Also mentioned in the previous blog, was the quest to see a maximum fuel economy rating for the truck. This, however, can only be accomplished with a decent road trip. Well, that opportunity has in fact presented itself in the form of my bi-annual trip to the Smokey Mountains of North Carolina.

    Any Motorcyclist will agree that the Deal Gap region of North Carolina is something of a Biker Mecca. It offers everything you could ever want; long, flowing sweepers that parallel crystal clear lakes, smooth paved roads leading to the tops of mountains, and miles of roads that never seem to end. Even better, if your not into lazily cruising around the country side, you can try your skills on the Dragonandapos;s Tail. Possibly the most revered stretch of road in the United States, this section of road is only a mere 11 miles long, yet has no less than 318 curves. An incredible engineering feat, it winds itself completely around the side of a mountain, offering some breath-taking views.

    So as the date draws near, Flash will be getting an oil Change and hopefully a wash before the trip goes underway. Loaded down with camping gear, coolers, and a couple of bikes and I'll be headed down that proverbial road. Accompanied by three friends, I'll be spending my weekend riding the best roads in the US, swapping stories with buddies and having cold ones around a campfire. And in the process, checking to see what sort of mileage I can squeeze outta Flash. Although loaded down with gear the MPG wonandapos;t be optimal, it will still be worth checking.

    Project Reezys dream truck is in sight.
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    I see it now! I have in mind what my new ride is going to be. That is when I get my rear in gear. As few know I sold my 92 Dodge Ramcharger and am in the market for something new. I have an idea of what the new investment is gonna be. Not sure if I am gonna wait for an 07 or get an 06. My next purchase might be my last. Haha for awhile that is so I better choose it wisely.

    I am currently in the market for a truck. And that truck will be a Dodge Ram, of course. I am after all a Dodge man! For this truck will hopefully in time end up one of to ways. For This weeks blog will be about the first of the two idea's of Reezy's new ride!

    Dream Truck #1 The "REV 3" aka "Reezy Edition Super Truck"
    Base Model Dodge Ram Std. Cab or Quad Cab 1500 4x2 4.7L V8
    Color Choice White with Reezy Edition Flame Decal kit
    a.Eibach Pro-Truck System Kit Lowered F1.8"/R3.8"
    b.Eibach Pro-Alignment Kit
    c.Eibach Pro-Truck Shocks
    a.American Racing Renegade 17x8 Powdercoated Red
    b.Recon Smoked LED 3rd Brake Light
    c.TYC Black Taillights
    a.Volant Cool Air Intake System
    b.AirAid Poweraid Spacer
    c.Magnaflow Dual Side Exit Exhaust System like "FLASH"
    a.OEM Dodge Ram Stainless Front Door Entry Guards
    b.OEM Dodge Ram Stainless Rear Door Entry Guards

    That is the run down for part one of Project Reezy's Dream Ride! Stay tuned for next weeks part two of Reezy's new Dream Ride! Find Dodge Truck Accessories.

    Not Sure If Rugged Is A Strong Enough Word...
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    Recently has begun to carry products from a company called Rugged Ridge, they specialize in products for the Jeep Wrangler. Not long after I started working on this project I noticed a product that I thought was pretty impressive. The Rugged Ridge E-coated tube bumper.

    These bumpers have many awesome features, including smooth welds and welded end caps. Doesn't it seem that every tube bumper out there is missing a plastic end cap or two? Or maybe it has a few spots where the welds look a little nasty? Well not on these babies!

    Most impressive is the E-coating process used to paint the bumpers. It is also known as electrocoating, electronic coating, electronic painting, and electrophoretic coating. Conceived for the automotive industry because it provides a superior adhesion coverage. It is also corrosion-resistant and withstands the most rigorous salt spray, dielectric, acid resistance, and U.V. tests.
    The bumpers are attached to metal racks and immersed in an e-coat paint bath. An electrical charge (either positive or negative) is applied to the rack and therefore to the parts attached to it. An opposite electrical charge is applied to the paint bath. The metal parts attract the oppositely-charged paint particles. As the paint is deposited it begins to act as an insulator and deposition slows, stopping at a thickness that is determined by the amount of voltage applied. Even though deposition may have slowed or be complete at one area on the surface of the part, deposition will continue at any uncoated or incompletely-coated areas of the part until complete coverage is achieved. Producing a complete and uniform coat, even on the most complex pre-assembled parts.
    On top of that is a dual stage powder coat or stainless steel finish. All this adds up to a product that is extremely impact resistant, rust resistant, hell, everything resistant) and great looking.

    If you're in the market for a new tube bumper, I can say ,with all honesty, that I highly recommend you check these Jeep Front Tube Bumpers out.

    OEM vs Aftermarket
    [ Posted By: Anthonymous on 12/8/2009 10:02:58 AM ] TOP OF PAGE

    OEM Products are those that are sold by your vehicle's manufacturer. Did you know that today's vehicle manufacturers do not make their own products? It is true. The products you have on your vehicle from the factory are manufactured by an outside source. These outside sources are contracted to sell directly to the vehicle manufacturer. Once received by the manufacturer, the product is the stamped with their logo and either placed in the production line or boxed ready to sell to you. The vehicle manufacturer has created a failsafe also, in case this outside source breaches their contract. They need a backup plan in force. They have to contract the production of a product to more than one producer. This makes it very possible that you and your neighbor have the the same exact vehicle with products produced by different manufacturers. The draw to OEM Products is the peace of mind of having your vehicle manufacturer's logo, approval, on the product you are buying.

    Aftermarket products are those that are produced and sold without having to go through your vehicle's manufacturer. These products are produced by an outside source that packages the product with their logo and sells through a retailer like us. This product is very similar to what you received on your vehicle from the factory. In many cases the Aftermarket Accessories we sell are designed to be an improvement upon the factory product.

    My advice is that you do the research before buying any product. A well known name brand does not always equal better product. Weigh your options between the the OEM and the Aftermarket product. Find out what material the product is made of, what type of warranty it has, the installation process, etc... Don't believe the myths that all Aftermarket products will void your warranty, some may. Check out you owner's manual for that information. Do all the research and you can make an educated decision that fits the needs of your vehicle.

    Part 2 of Project Reezys dream truck
    [ Posted By: Reezy on 12/8/2009 9:57:06 AM ] TOP OF PAGE

    In continuation of last week’s blog about Reezy’s Dream Truck Part 1, I had listed one of the two dream trucks I have in mind. That was the “Reezy Edition Super Truck”. This edition would be a Dodge Ram truck resembling a NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series Super Truck.

    From the trucks lowered stance with Eibach’s Suspension System gives the “Reezy Edition Super Truck” an enhanced on-road handling and stability response along with the low and lean look of a NCTS Super Truck. The
    red powder coated American Racing Renegade Wheels will give the truck a realistic race truck feel. To further step away from the stock Ram look added to the rear is a
    Recon Smoked LED 3rd Brake Light and TYC Black Taillights. Upgrade the front end with an
    OEM Sport front bumper package and Precision Grilles Wire Mesh grille and bumper inserts for a more custom truck look. With the trucks factory Bright White paint with the
    “Reezy Edition Flame Decals” (A Flame decal design that I run on my race karts) on the side.

    On the performance side of things not having the 5.7L Hemi is one down side to the truck. But the lost horsepower of the 4.7L Magnum will be gained with some simple cost effective installations.
    First being the installation of a Volant Cool Air Intake System to help get more cool air and less hot air from the engine compartment into the intake. The more cool air in the better the fuel and air mixture becomes. The better air and fuel mixture in turn burns quicker and provides more horsepower to the rear wheels. Along with the Volant intake system will be an

    Airaid Poweraid Throttle Body Spacer
    Which will work in conjunction with the Volant intake system to help force the cooler air into the throttle body. With all this cooler air coming into the engine means it has to go somewhere right? Well it does and that is right out the exhaust! To help maximize that added horsepower coming into the 4.7L Magnum engine from the Volant intake and Airaid throttle body spacer out the other end will be a
    Magnaflow 3” Stainless Steel side exit exhaust system with a 4” Stainless Steel rolled tip.

    As for the interior I would have it pretty simple. For some extra shine I would probably have to add some
    OEM Dodge Ram stainless door entry guards. The OEM door entry guards are the sweetest ones I have seen by far. They have the Dodge logo milled into them. They are awesome! Lastly I would have to
    smoke the windows with some tint so people can’t see me! This would be the ultimate replica “REV 3” race truck!

    Dream Truck #1 The "REV 3" aka "Reezy Edition Super Truck"
    Base Model Dodge Ram Std. Cab or Quad Cab 1500 4x2 4.7L V8
    Color Choice Bright White with Reezy Edition Flame Decal kit

    A. Suspension
    a. Eibach Pro-Truck System Kit Lowered F1.8"/R3.8"
    b. Eibach Pro-Alignment Kit
    c. Eibach Pro-Truck Shocks

    B. Exterior
    a. American Racing Renegade 17x8 Powder coated Red
    b. Recon Smoked LED 3rd Brake Light
    c. TYC Black Taillights
    d. Precision Grilles Wire Mesh Grille Inserts
    e. Precision Grilles Wire Mesh Bumper Inserts
    f. OEM Sport Bumper Package

    C. Performance
    a. Volant Cool Air Intake System
    b. AirAid Poweraid Spacer
    c. Magnaflow Dual Side Exit Exhaust System like "FLASH"

    D. Interior
    a. OEM Dodge Ram Stainless Front Door Entry Guards
    b. OEM Dodge Ram Stainless Rear Door Entry Guards
    c. Smoke Tinted Windows

    Stay tuned for next week’s Part 3 of Project Reezy’s Dream Truck Until then! Popozao Out! I’m from Fresno Dawg! Grab Ya Socks!

    Will I Ever Get a Chevy?
    [ Posted By: Carver on 12/8/2009 9:54:57 AM ] TOP OF PAGE

    It's getting closer in time, for the new redesigned

    07 Chevy Silverado
    to hit the market. Now I have never been a big fan of Chevy. I like the new look of the truck, but it looks a lot like a Nissan Titan. I will give Chevy one thing. They do have one of the nicest interiors for a truck, and with new 07, they have just made it even better. The gauges look magnificent, the wood trim is top of the line, and they still have a kicking sound system with their factory Bose speakers. Even though I will always be a Dodge man at heart, I just wish Dodge could be more like Chevy with their interior. If Chevy had the power and good looks in their Silverado, I would sell my Ram today. But as I see that not happening soon, I just have to stick with Dodge.

    Well at least Chevy and Dodge are both better looking than Ford. ( Ha ha ha ha....That's for you Gerwin!)

    Aguygen - The Gas Generator? Gas On Demand?
    [ Posted By: WiseOne on 12/8/2009 9:49:44 AM ] TOP OF PAGE

    This upcoming product has me really intrigued and, I'm sure, will spark your interest as well. The possibilities are staggering and are highly provocative, to be sure! Think of need a bit more gas for the 'ol gas-guzzler?... well simply fire up your H20 1500 Aquygen Gas Generator, throw some distilled water in it and make you some gas! Sweet! I rarely get excited about these things, but I think this Aquygen company has probably hit something pretty big here.

    They use ONLY their generator, distilled water, and standard electric current to produce the gas needed to power our gas-guzzling hogs and with very minor vehicle modifications to boot! A 30% fuel mileage increase is possible, according to Aquygen, at this point in it's evolution.

    [ ...Aquygen™, also known as HHO gas, is already providing value in commercial use for: Fusing, Brazing, Cutting, Welding, Soldering, and Heating. Our H2O 1500 Aquygen™ Gas Generator produces the gas from water in a uniform, consistent flow. It can be used to fuse pieces of aluminum and other metals or to braze faster than traditional two-gas methods while requiring only one gas. Steel cutting is more fuel-efficient and 30% faster than traditional methods. Aquygen™ has numerous advantages over oxyacetylene, including improved safety and versatility in working with multiple materials. It even makes possible new artistic techniques...]

    Can you imagine how many millions of barrels that might have to stay in their Arabian or Argentinean holes? IF only 30% of our consumption could be taken from their hands it could, at the very least, give us an emergency option for when Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Argentina do turn off the spigots! As we stand now, we are almost totally helpless if they do turn off the flow of black gold. It excites me to see companies actually doing this and NOT simply talking is all I'm saying!

    WiseOne Wuz Here!
    The Only Losers Are Those Who Never Try --Unknown Origin

    Part 3 of Reezys dream truck
    [ Posted By: Reezy on 12/8/2009 9:46:51 AM ] TOP OF PAGE

    Time again for my great blog of the week! With part three of my four part blog I will introduce you to a bit of the West Coast off-road scene. Reezy’s Dream Truck #2 is what on the West Coast is called a PreRunner. The PreRunner is to the West Coast what the jacked (lifted) up 4WD is to the East Coast off-road scene. Let me run through what a PreRunner is for those that are not that familiar with the term.

    A PreRunner is a custom built street legal 2wd truck, which is used by off-road racers to Pre-run a racecourse prior to an off-road event to help them get familiarized with the racecourse. Also used as a “Chase Vehicle” (crews use to go from checkpoint to checkpoint to pit the race truck) during an event. Today’s typical PreRunner is a 2wd truck or SUV that has some custom suspension modifications allowing it to handle rough desert terrain at high rates of speed.

    Most off-road racer’s PreRunner trucks are on the outside stock appearing. But one glance underneath most of their street legal beasts is what looks to be full blown race inspired suspension. Biggest function of most of these off-road PreRunner trucks is the use of the trucks air condition and more creature comfort interior as apposed to their race trucks. Also use of the PreRunner allows for less wear at tear on the actual race truck prior to the race event.

    The PreRunner look is obtained by replacing the stock front fenders with flared fiberglass fenders. Heavy factory besides are replaced with lighter flared fiberglass fenders. These much lighter and wider fiberglass pieces allow for more tire clearance and suspension preload. Suspension wise you will see PreRunner’s with anything from aftermarket lift kits with performance shocks up to all out custom race inspired suspension and shocks. The typical PreRunner is often noticeable by its custom front tubular bumper with KC style lights and lower skid plate, as well as by the aggressive look from the flared front fender and big tires.

    The typical stance of a PreRunner is characterized by having the front sit slightly higher than the rear. Consider by some as the “West Coast Lean”! There are many more things you can do to a PreRunner truck to make it custom...race seats, after-market gauges, custom graphics, and on and on. The average PreRunner enthusiast can spend over ten thousand dollars on their vehicle.

    If you ever been out west in areas like Southern Cali, Arizona, and Nevada. You can see PreRunner’s out roaming the streets by day and by night jumping dunes out at the Glamis Sand dunes or pre-running at the famed Baja 1000 racecourse! It’s just a matter of time before the bug hits here in the east coast!

    Dream Truck #2 The "REV 3" aka "Reezy Edition West Coast PreRunner"
    Base Model Dodge Ram Quad Cab 1500 4x2 4.7L V8
    Color Choice Bright White with Reezy Edition Flame Decal kit

    A. Suspension
    a. Doetsch Systems 2wd 6/3 Lift Kit
    b. Doetsch Systems HV1 Series PreRunner Shocks with Reservoir
    c. Custom Front Suspension Skid plate
    B. Exterior
    a. American Racing ATX 17X8 Polished Mojave (Powder Coated Black) w/ Simulated Bead locks (Red)
    b. Recon Smoked LED 3rd Brake Light
    c. TYC Black Taillights
    d. T-REX Billet Grille Inserts
    e. APC Hitch Mount Spare Tire Holder
    f. Custom Front PreRunner Bumper with KC HiLites
    g. Desert Racing Concepts Fiberglass PreRunner Flared Front Fenders
    h. Desert Racing Concepts Fiberglass PreRunner Flared Bedsides
    C. Performance
    a. Volant Cool Air Intake System
    b. AirAid Poweraid Spacer
    c. Magnaflow Dual Side Exit Exhaust System like "FLASH"
    D. Interior
    a. OEM Dodge Ram Stainless Front Door Entry Guards
    b. OEM Dodge Ram Stainless Rear Door Entry Guards
    c. Smoke Tinted Windows

    Flash's Big Adventure Pt. 2
    [ Posted By: Gerwin on 12/8/2009 9:41:11 AM ] TOP OF PAGE

    Well, I made it back safe and sound from my brief yet entertaining road trip to North Carolina. Throughout the majority of the preceding week, I was subject to a great deal of stress fearing I would forget something important. It’s a bit of an ongoing joke, but there are stories of fellow riders who have embarked on similar journeys hundreds of miles away, only to discover they’ve forgotten their Bike’s key. Not a good way to start your vacation.

    At approximately 10pm Thursday evening, Flash was loaded down with two motorcycles, a toolbox, two coolers, a few different luggage bags, among other items required for a comfortable camping trip. So needless to say, I was concerned that my truck might struggle at highway speeds with so much weight in the back. I am of the understanding that if you have too much weight, it’s a good idea to leave your transmission OUT of overdrive to prevent damage to the clutch plates. But throwing caution to the wind, I tightened the last strap down and got some rest for the long drive ahead.

    Waking the next morning to the always-pleasing sound of an ear-splitting thunder clap overhead, I loathed the day ahead of me. Driving down the interstate in a thunderstorm is not the best way to reach a destination, especially with an extra 800lbs of gear in the bed. But I was pleasantly surprised to find that downshifting was kept at a minimum during the majority of my jaunt. Only when I got into the Great Smoky Mountains did I find a need to by-pass the overdrive to get into the meat of the engine. And the gas mileage you ask? I’m happy to report that I had an overall Interstate MPG of 16.7 after traveling 300+ miles and stopping to refuel. Consider that in contrast to the stock mileage of just over 17 MPG. I have no doubt this was the result of the Magnaflow Exhaust modification in conjunction with the Airaid Cold Air Intake.

    So after setting up camp Friday, we fired up the grille and had some burgers and cold-ones and waited with great anticipation for the rain to taper off. And as luck would have it, it did! Early in the morning Saturday we were met with cloudy skies, but dry roads to which we managed to cover well over 200 miles of the best roads in the United States. Shot some great pictures and better video. The trip home was relatively uneventful, and yielded about the same gas mileage. A great trip to be sure, can’t wait to hit it again next year!

    The Bugatti Veyron, Stunning The Supercar World.
    [ Posted By: Launchpad on 12/8/2009 9:37:14 AM ] TOP OF PAGE

    Ever since I was a kid I've loved sports cars. I guess it started with Hot wheels box cars when I was young and was fostered by my need for excitement and adventure as a teenager. Sports cars are an intricate molding of heart pounding speed and passionate design. Begging to be taken to the limit, daring you to test your mettle. And at the same time intriguing the masses with bold lines and soft curves.

    Recently Bugatti has re-entered the scene with their Veyron 16.4, a super car monster that has many auto enthusiasts drooling puddles. The styling is on the modern edge and is a love it or leave body design. One thing is for certain, you absolutely will NOT miss this car in a crowd or mistake it for something else.

    But the real story here is the hardware. The power plant is a mid engine 8.0L W-16 with two inter-coolers and four turbos producing 1001hp and 922lb-ft of torque. Translating this to the pavement is a seven speed DSG gearbox with auto-clutch and manual paddle shifts coupled to an AWD setup.

    All this comes together to produce 0-60 times of 2.7 seconds. That's right boys and girls, its okay to stop and pant for a couple minutes. Recently Motor Trend recorded pulling .99g at 30mph on a test launch, also adding that the space between your back and the seat remain non-existent as long as you stay in the throttle. Other super car functions come as hydraulically controlled speed sensitive ride right, collapsing rear wing, and front diffusers. Another cool feature is how the rear wing changes position according to your speed and even turns flat to induce added air braking at high velocities. It even comes with a cluster dial that reads how much horsepower is being output at any given time.

    There you have it, another sports car to pin up on the wall and burn into those gear head memory's. I know for me, this one wasn't hard to log.

    Putco part #2, Chromed Door Handle Covers
    [ Posted By: Captain Brent on 12/8/2009 9:31:24 AM ] TOP OF PAGE

    Well I guess its that time of the week again, blog time. I usually have a hard time trying to decide what to write about week in and week out, and this week is no different. Trying to write about something related to the automobile industry doesn't sound that difficult, but to me it is. Since some other bloggers are having parts # 2 and #3 in their blogs, I guess I will to. In last weeks blog I talked about a vendor of ours we carry; Putco. I discussed the type of bed rails they carry and how they worked. This week I want to discuss the chrome door handle covers they carry.

    These chrome plated door handle covers are one of the top selling items we offer to the public from Putco. These door handles are designed to be a quick and easy installation without having to put them together. They come fully assembled from Putco using pre-applied Red 3M tape, so this means easy installation in a matter of seconds with no drilling or cutting required. Some of the features of these door handle covers are as follows:

    • Gives your door handles that custom look.
    • Made of Automotive Grade ABS Chrome.
    • Matches OEM Chrome.
    • Comes with pre-applied Red 3M tape.
    • No drilling, No cutting.

    We offer these covers for a variety of vehicles including: Chrysler 300, Chevy Silverado, Dodge Ram, Dodge Dakota, Dodge Charger, Dodge Magnum, Jeep Liberty and Jeep Grand Cherokee just to mention a few. I hope this gave you a good idea of what door handle covers are and what they look like on a vehicle. So if you or a friend of yours is in the market for a set of chromed door handle covers, please be sure to stop by a check us out.

    Better Cars on the PIR!!
    [ Posted By: Carver on 12/8/2009 9:28:08 AM ] TOP OF PAGE

    Here's a thought for you. Why on the Price is Right, don't they offer some really cool cars? If I ever went on that show, I wouldn't want a 1987 Chrysler LeBaron! I want a Chevy Silverado Z71 or a 07 Dodge Charger SRT8. I know that they really don't give away 87' LeBarons anymore but still. Instead we get a base model Neon or something like that. C' mon Bob offer something that you would drive! He probably drives a Lebaron still. I know this is way away from the stuff we usually talk about, but I just had to ask that question. Next time I will write about something ya'll would really like to here about.

    I'm out.

    Need Stopping Power? PowerSlot is the answer!
    [ Posted By: Reezy on 12/8/2009 9:25:47 AM ] TOP OF PAGE

    Looking to add a little more stopping power to your ride? Whether it is a car, truck, or SUV you are always gonna need brakes! What good are those sweet 22" rims on your ride if your OEM brakes can't stop them? That’s where PowerSlot Slotted disc brake rotors come in. OEM brakes work well with the factory wheel and tire combination and towing capacities. Whether you are riding clean in your 300C with the big 22" rims or towing a trailer full of mulch with your Silverado. PowerSlot rotors should be your choice when upgrading your vehicles brake system. PowerSlot Rotors disperse more heat, have better stopping power, less brake fade than any OEM rotors out there.

    Heat is the primary cause of ineffective brakes due to fade. There is actually a “boundary layer” of gases that builds up between the pad and rotor surface which inhibits performance. Here’s where Power Slot rotors make a big difference. The exclusive Vac-U-Slots machined into the rotor “wipes” brake pads clean, evacuates gases, and sheds heat. A combination of a “high performance pad” and Power Slot rotors will provide superior reliable braking for virtually all automotive and truck applications, with an upgrade to larger diameter rotors and bigger calipers typically only needed for the most severe competition applications.

    Power Slot Rotors are manufactured to the highest tolerances keeping SAFETY and quality their number one priority. Slotting, unlike drilling, doesn’t compromise the structural integrity of the rotor. When you drill a rotor you weaken it and cause stress points that can lead to cracking and ultimately failure. Also, drilled rotors lose considerable surface area compared to slotted rotors which means less active braking area for pad to rotor contact.

    Well that's it for this week's blog. Until next week! Be sure to check out all the PowerSlots rotors we offer online!

    Signing off!


    Put Your Silverado On The Road To Refinement and Elegance Today
    [ Posted By: WiseOne on 12/8/2009 9:17:53 AM ] TOP OF PAGE is officially welcoming all Chevy Silverado Truck Enthusiasts to come browse their newly renovated Silverado section. Many more products were just added like Westin Bull Bars, one of America's favorite truck accessories! With literally thousands of products, they are sure to have that special truck accessory to make your Chevy Silverado Truck shiver with glee. Heck, even your pocketbook will go "phew" after it sees how low those prices go!

    My favorite truck accessory for the Chevy Silverado Truck is one of these sweet Taillights from APC. Look at the class and refinement of that dude! What could look more cool for your Silverado, besides me in it that is :) . Maybe I can't come with you all the time to grace your Chevy Truck and give it class, yet these APC Taillights certainly can! Heck, every time you look at your APC Taillights you can think of me now; this should give you some solace!

    -- WiseOne Wuz Here

    Cold Air Intake Installation- Round Three
    [ Posted By: Gerwin on 12/8/2009 9:15:43 AM ] TOP OF PAGE

    Well, so far the entire process of ordering, assembling and installing my new AirAid Cold Air Intake was a piece of cake. The amount of detail AirAid puts into their products, coupled with easy to read instructions, made this upgrade a snap. If you have a basic set of wrenches and a flat-head screwdriver, anyone can perform this installation.

    So with much anticipation I swung a leg into Flash and fired it up, (although I might have been a tad afraid the extra air-flow might confuse some of the many sensors in place leading up to the engine). Vroom!...She fired right up without hesitation. No blinking engine lights, no coughing from the motor, no indication of spontaneous combustion. So far, I'm pleased as punch.

    I rolled the window down and stepped on the gas some, maybe taking it to 4,000 RPM or so, and I noticed a slight suction-kind of sound coming from under the hood. Revved it up a few more times, which yielding the same result. Hopped out of the truck and popped the hood, allowing the engine to remain running. Did I not tighten a clamp fully? Maybe the filter was not attached properly. Nope- it was just the extra airflow coming into the now de-restricted Cold Air Intake! Not only have I got increased airflow and better fuel economy, but my truck now sounds like a big whistlin' diesel. Love it or hate it, your new intake will probably make a similar sound; a consequence of the free-flowing nature of the AirAid Intake Filter.

    Ok then, time for a test drive. Got back in, threw it in drive, and headed down the street. The power increase was not immediately apparent. I wasn't able to detect a great deal of low-end power increase. But with a 373 rear-end, that didn't come as a surprise. However, after placing the gas pedal flat on the floor, there was no doubt in my mind this was a great investment. Around 2,800~3,000 RPM, there was a noticeable amount of acceleration increase. The engine revved a bit quicker than before, winding cleanly through first gear until the 5k redline.

    A smooth transition into second gear yielded equally pleasing results, as it was still in the meat of the mid-range power band. Nearing the top of second gear had placed me squarely in the 'Wreckless Driving' speed-category, so I let off the gas and turned around. Again, I brought the truck up to about 20 MPH, and punched the accelerator again. Flash downshifted to first and again surprised me with the results of the increase in midrange power. I was happy with the results to say the least. that I have a Cold Air Intake...Well, why stop there?

    Next Week: AirAid's Throttle Body Spacer.

    Chapter 1
    Chapter 2

    A Testimony of American Racing Wheels
    [ Posted By: Carver on 12/8/2009 9:13:44 AM ] TOP OF PAGE

    A friend of mine has given my truck, a Dodge Ram, the nickname of Icey. Why, I don't know, but today we are going to talk about Icey and her American Racing Wheels, and why every individual who has a Dodge Ram, and wants wheels, needs to own some of these high quality wheels.

    On my Dodge Ram, Icey, are four beautiful American Racing Wheels. They are 16x8 and the style name is Atlas. Now, when I first got these rims, I was so excited. Every time I saw somebody I knew, they were complementing me on my excellent choice of wheels. They are just a beautiful looking, off-road, chrome finish wheel, that looks great with a BF Goodrich All-Terrain Tire wrapped around them.

    These wheels are great for all of you off-road enthusiasts. I couldn't have been happier with my choice. American Racing puts a lot time and research into designing top quality wheels. I promise you that if you get a set of American Racing Wheels, you will not be disappointed. You might even jump up and down with glee....let's hope you don't get that excited.

    Monster Church Rallies, Bring Your Trucks?
    [ Posted By: WiseOne on 12/7/2009 4:13:26 PM ] TOP OF PAGE

    This was a monster truck rally article I simply couldn't let you all ignore, as it was so funny to me. We've all heard those monster truck rally commercials with the loud, booming voices and revving engines, but we hadn't heard it yet for a church, until now... according to the article in Church Marketing Sucks, Mike McKenzie, creative services director for Cox Radio of Birmingham and churchgoer, thought it would be ["neato" to create a church ad that sounded like a monster truck rally ad"]. Actually, those are my words,

    Mike McKenzie stated,

    "It wasn't with the intention of making a commercial--I was just goofying around," says McKenzie. "The idea hit me right after 10:30 mass--it's high mass, very formal liturgy. What would happen if you took formal liturgy and combined it with a monster truck rally?".

    The actual ad has not aired yet, but we thought you all would get a kick out of listening to it in case it doesn't. The debate is still on in the church whether to air this Monster Truck Rally Ad. Enjoy!

    Airaid Throttle Body Spacer!
    [ Posted By: Gerwin on 12/7/2009 4:11:33 PM ] TOP OF PAGE

    After the successful installation of my Airaid Cold Air Intake on the Ford, I decided it was time to invest in a Throttle Body Spacer (TBS) to compliment the now better-breathing 4.7 Liter V8 Flash was born with. The original goal of course, was to squeeze a few more miles-per-gallon from the gas hungry engine. So to achieve this, installing a TBS seemed like the next logical step.

    A little background behind the technology; Airaid's billet aluminum Spacers are designed to create an air 'vortex' out of the incoming air into the intake manifold. The theory is that with the introduction of said vortex, the air will atomize better with the fuel being injected into the engine, resulting in more efficient combustion and yielding more horsepower and better mileage. Specifically, the low-end torque is where the most improvement is seen- A portion of the powerband where I did not experience a great deal of improvement with the installation of the Cold Air Intake. Ideally, the TBS coupled with the CAI would provide a much more efficient, powerful, and useful powerband throughout the RPM range.

    Upon receiving the new part, I was equally pleased with this packaging as I was with the Cold Air Intake. The billet aluminum spacer had an excellent, anodized finish, void of any burrs, scratches, or the like that can sometimes accompany a mass-produced part. The 'helix-bore', (which creates the air vortex), was flawless as was the new hardware for installation. And like the CAI, I was greeted with easy to read instructions which left no room for error. Airaid even included a new gasket to ensure an air-tight seal; something that the factory intake lacked.

    The actual installation was a bit more involved, as it required the separation of the factory intake where it meets with the intake manifold. It was by no means difficult, as the hardware which came with the Spacer fit perfectly. I mean, if you can remove 4 small bolts and replace them with 4 slightly longer bolts, you've got it made.

    increase in low-end power right off the line could be felt, and overlapped into the now increased power through the vehicle's midrange. Another thing I noticed was the "whistling" sound, (which had materialized with the CAI installation), was now very present. Which leads me to believe that the engine is in fact making the most out of ever gallon gasoline it takes in. I should also note that I have experienced a 1 1/2 to 2 mile-per-gallon increase at highway speeds with the Cold Air Intake installation alone.

    Can't wait to see what the results of this little upgrade will do. :))

    An Assembly Line Dodge Ram SRT-10 Makes History: Fastest Pickup On Earth
    [ Posted By: WiseOne on 12/7/2009 4:06:11 PM ] TOP OF PAGE

    The Dodge performance truck, Dodge Ram SRT-10, really held up to it's name and performed a world speed record with a posting of 154.587 mph. No, this truck was not tinkered with at all, it came straight off the assembly line and right into the record books. Wow, what a feat! Now that is one bad truck, people!andnbsp;andnbsp;

    The Guinness Book of World Records was on hand to witness and affirm the record. Well, folks, I guess the 500 horsepower this baby packs is part of the reason! Think of that power...500 horsepower in a pickup truck straight off the assembly line!

    [ "When we set out to develop the Dodge Ram SRT-10, our mission was to create the ultimate performance truck," said Dan Knott, Director of Street and Racing Technology. "With 500 horsepower, sports car-like handling, world-class braking and race-inspired design appointments, we know we reached our goal. Setting the Guinness record today simply confirms and solidifies the Ram SRT-10 as the ultimate - and fastest - performance pickup." ]

    Pappy should be real careful before he buys his teenage son one of these monster machines or he may end up with a bed full of autographs from the State Troopers!

    -- WiseOne Wuz Here

    2008 Dodge Challenger
    [ Posted By: Carver on 12/7/2009 4:04:17 PM ] TOP OF PAGE

    The Dodge Challenger is coming back people, as if you didn't already know. This is a classic muscle car, even better than the Charger in my opinion. The new Challenger has beautiful body lines, that will make you drool with envy.

    But the one one thing that I just love about this car, is it's functional hood vents, that actually open and close when you depress the accelerator. I believe that when the Challenger is produced in 2008 that it will be a hit with all car enthusiasts, but what do I know.

    I wish that I could give you guys a little more detail about it, but I don't have enough information. So I will try to get more updates, and I will get back with you all. In the mean time, keep dreaming about owning this classic muscle car.

    Exhaust Systems: The Power, The Mileage, and the Rumble...
    [ Posted By: Gerwin on 12/7/2009 3:47:26 PM ] TOP OF PAGE

    Any Truck or Car enthusiast will tell you that upgrading and customizing their vehicle is a never-ending process. The brief moment of elation one gets from their most recent modification is generally followed by a general feeling of "OK, What next?" This is true on both an aesthetic and functional level; Installing a sharp, chrome Putco Tailgate Handle Cover is simply not enough when you have have a variety of other areas that now seem all that much more boring. For example Driver/Passenger door handles are generally in need of help from the factory, as well as fender trim to not only enhance looks but protect as well. I mean, if anything is worth doing, then its worth doing right.

    Upgrading a vehicle's performance is no different. Generally speaking, when you upgrade one portion of the engine, another modification is often desired, (if not necessary), to obtain maximum performance. Such a theory was brought to me while eating some delicious Asian Cuisine with a friend of mine a few weeks ago. His father accompanied us for our meal, which was a privilege since they have a family racing business and are more than knowledgeable when it comes to engines and performance.

    During the course of conversation, I had mentioned to him about the upgrades I had made to my truck, including the Airaid Cold Air Intake, along with the Billet Aluminum Throttle Body Spacer. Going on into detail about the increase in low and mid-range power I had gained, he asked me, "What about your exhaust system?" Well, I really had no answer for him. It had never even crossed my mind to upgrade or replace Flash's exhaust, as it was a nearly brand new, factory system that had many, many good miles ahead of it.

    "Sure- its great that you have upgraded the intake. Now your engine will pull in cooler, denser air with increased volume. But that air has to go somewhere once it leaves the engine. If your still running the factory exhaust system, then you haven't seen the full potential of your upgrades."

    Whoa. That actually makes perfect sense! Much like the factory air filter discussed in previous blog entries, the factory muffler system is equally restrictive resulting in less-than-optimal gas mileage and power output. Dumbfounded at what should have been an easy concept, I returned back to work with one thought in mind: Time to go Muffler Shopping...

    Add a lil light on the subject! RECON Accessories
    [ Posted By: Reezy on 12/7/2009 3:26:39 PM ] TOP OF PAGE

    What's up folks! It has been awhile since I have been on. I was on vacation all last week. Now I am back refreshed and ready for the week to be over! HaHa! This week's blog is about a company I really like. They make some cool lighting products for any light duty and heavy duty trucks. That company is called RECON Accessories. RECON the premier manufacturer of aftermarket lighting and accessories for the truck andamp; SUV market. RECON makes every light accessory imaginable for the Dodge Ram, Chevy Silverado, and even the Hummer H2!

    From L.E.D 3rd Brake Lights to Cab Roof Lights to L.E.D Dually Fender Lights RECON makes it! Another cool accessory from RECON is the Line of Fire L.E.D Tailgate Bar. If only I had a dually of my own I would have all of RECON's light accessories on it. Maybe I can convince good ole' Dad to put some on his Dodge Ram dually! I have gathered a bit of teaser information for you guys on these products.

    First up!

    Cab Roof Lights

    Lose those ugly O.E.M Amber lights on your heavy duty truck! These babies come in three styles to best suit you. RECON offers these replacement lights in the following styles, Clear lens with amber bulbs, Smoke lens with amber bulb, and also in available in Super White (Clear lens with Super White bulb). Available for the following vehicles: 94-Up Dodge Ram, 88-02 Chevy C/K, 02-Up Chevy Silverado, and 02-Up Hummer H2.

    L.E.D 3rd Brake Lights

    RECON has made some cool L.E.D 3rd brake lights. RECON uses the L.E.D technology to make a brighter brake light. These L.E.D 3rd brake lights are simple to install and is a direct replacement of the O.E.M. Bulb style 3rd brake light. Available in Clear and Smoke. L.E.D 3rd brake lights can be ordered for your 94-Up Dodge Ram. 88-02 Chevy C/K, 02-Up Chevy Silverado.

    L.E.D Dually Fender Lights

    There are those hideous amber lights again! RECON has the answer with the L.E.D Dually Fender Lights. As with the 3rd brake lights RECON went with today's L.E.D technology on the dually fender lights. This 4 piece fender marker includes 2 amber L.E.D's for the front of the dually fender and 2 red L.E.D's for the rear of the fender. Available in Clear and Smoke. Order a set today for your 94-Up Dodge Ram, 88-02 Chevy C/K, 02-Up Chevy Silverado.

    Line of Fire L.E.D Tailgate Bar

    Have you ever been worried about getting rear ended? Now you can really make sure that the idiot behind you can see that you are stopping or turning! RECON has came up with the Line of Fire L.E.D Tailgate bar. Basically RECON has created a 4th Brake Light. The L.E.D Tailgate bar functions as a brake light, running lights, hazard lights, and turn signals. The L.E.D lights are sealed in a clear weatherproof covering. Comes in 49" (Stepside, Flareside, Sportside beds) and 60" lengths (Standard width beds). Available for 94-Up Dodge Ram, 88-02 Chevy C/K, 02-Up Chevy Silverado, 02-Up Hummer H2.

    Well that is all I have for this week! Until next time! Peace Love And Hair Grease!

    "Shake and Bake"

    REEZY out!

    Magnaflow Exhaust Systems: The Cure for the Common Engine
    [ Posted By: Gerwin on 12/7/2009 3:23:16 PM ] TOP OF PAGE

    As mentioned in last week's blog, my ongoing conflict to modify my truck has reached a new battlefront; Upgrading the stock exhaust system. Per my lunch conversation with my friend's father, I found it a prudent decision to start looking into some exhaust options to open up the engine a little more. Having already replaced the lethargic factory air filter and intake with a superior Airaid System, freeing up the tail-end seemed like the next logical step.

    The aftermarket exhaust market is a saturated one to say the least. There's a considerable amount of options to weigh when choosing your exhaust upgrade. Style, manufacturer, material used, and just how much money you want to spend will all play a factor before your purchase. All of the manufacturers I entertained claimed gains in horsepower and torque, and for good reason too. The aftermarket exhaust is a "straight-through" design, disregarding overly restrictive wire mesh or perforated plates found in stock mufflers, which impedes performance, in favor of acceptable decibel levels.

    Well forget all that business! I'm not interested in who hears me accelerating down the road or what county they might be in when it happens. I'm interested in getting more punch from that 4.6 Liter engine and making it sound good in the process. After considerable research through various forums, reviews, and testimonials, I decided to invest in a Cat-Back system from Magnaflow Exhaust. Having been in business for over 25 years, Magnaflow has grown into a huge, international supplier of aftermarket exhaust systems for consumer as well as racing applications. Touting such famous names as Mario Andretti and Ivan "Ironman" Stewart, Magnaflow has proven themselves as a leading manufacturer in an already crowded industry. And being backed by their lifetime warranty, I knew that my purchase would be protected for the life of my truck.

    So with the choice of Magnaflow as the manufacturer and the assurance of a quality product, the next step was what style to go with? Three options were offered; A single outlet in the rear, (which looked entirely too much like the stock configuration), the ever-popular dual rear exit, or a "Dual Side Outlet", which exits directly in front of the rear passenger side wheel. Wanting a unique look without compromising performance, this is the option I chose. Although such an undertaking might intimidate some, rest assured that Magnaflow's Website contains step-by-step installation instructions for the no-weld application.

    Results to be posted next week!

    My Previous Truck Blog Post

    AirAid Air Filters help your car/truck breathe easier - Steer clear of dollar store junk.
    [ Posted By: WiseOne on 12/7/2009 3:18:35 PM ] TOP OF PAGE

    AirAid Air Filters are one of the best car/truck accessories available for your vehicle's gas mileage, engine life, and performance. Having an AirAid Air Filter on your car or truck today, with gas prices outrageously high, is a serious "no-brainer".

    AirAid Air Filters are wrought from durable 304 stainless steel mesh, with an attention to detail that may be criminal in some quarters. Let's hope that AirAid stays around, though, for many years as our trucks and cars would, frankly, never be the same without AirAid Air Filters working their magic.

    With 5 layers, AirAid Air Filters provide an optimum balance between maximum air flow and maximum filtration.

    Typically one might can see a 1-2 mpg boost in fuel mileage, depending on how heavy your foot is. Of course, these AirAid Air Filters are going to give your car/truck plenty of boosting in horsepower if you feel inclined to "hammer on it" after a bad day of work. If you do decide to romp on it, of course, your engine will proudly perform and your gas tank would not be full for long.

    Don't go over to Wal-Mart and buy some junk, paper air filter when you can save a lot more money, not to mention engine life, buying premium air filters in the long run.andnbsp;

    -- WiseOne Wuz Here

    Cold Air Intake Installation- Chapter 1
    [ Posted By: Gerwin on 12/7/2009 3:15:17 PM ] TOP OF PAGE

    Its no secret that V8's get poor gas mileage. With twice as many cylinders as the little Honda hatchback that just zipped by you on the highway, a large, push-rod style V8 goes through your gas budget considerably quicker than you probably would like. Of course, the trade-off there is functionality; Its a heck of a lot easier getting all your camping gear in the bed of a truck, rather than stuffing it into the back of a car. Hence the reason for my acquisition of an 05'Ford F-150. Big, versatile, and powerful, I really couldn't ask for more out of a truck. But like any consumer who wants to squeeze a little more mileage out their tank, I started looking for solutions to get a higher MPG from America's best selling truck.

    After a good deal of research, I found that one of the more popular upgrades car and truck owners undertake to accomplish the above task, is to upgrade the vehicle's factory air intake. As a general rule, most manufacturers utilize a paper-style filter element mounted precariously close to the engine. There are a number of reasons for this. To begin with, its simply cheaper to mass produce paper filters. In an ongoing battle to keep production costs down, major automobile companies will use the cheapest possible route without regard to the performance potential of a more modern, advanced filter element. Overly restrictive at best, factory air filters do a great job at keeping dirt out of your engine, but simply won't allow your motor to breath freely. Especially in today's fuel injected, electronically controlled V8's.

    So in response to this, a slew of aftermarket companies have sprung up to offer more advanced, better breathing filters without compromising dirt filtration. One such company is Airaid, of Phoenix, AZ. Founded in 1997, Airaid has been in business for nearly a decade, starting out producing intake systems for trucks and SUV's. As word spread about performance and mileage increases with use of their products, the fledgling company grew to be one of the top manufactures of Air Intake Systems for virtually every automobile on the road today. Shunning the factory paper element mentioned, Airaid utilizes a unique blend of Cotton-Gauze material, coupled with a layer of synthetic fiber material dubbed SynthaFlow that's sandwiched between a stainless steel skeleton. Washable and re-usable for life, you never have to invest in another filter for the life of the vehicle. Ok, I'm hooked.

    To be continued...

    TIS or Twenty Inches Strong
    [ Posted By: Carver on 12/7/2009 3:11:12 PM ] TOP OF PAGE

    You ever been watching MTV Cribs, and you see your favorite rapper or athlete showing off their fully loaded H2? But its not the H2 that catches your eye, its the 24 in. wheels that are beautifully gleaming in the sun. Well most of those wheels that you see are TIS or Twenty Inches Strong wheels. These are high quality wheels, that are featured in DUB magazine. DUB magazine made TIS what it is today. These are some of the most popular wheels on the market, and if your like me, you can see why.

    At some point when we got our vehicles, we thought to ourselves maybe I should get some wheels. TIS is a great wheel for any vehicle. They use their Phat Lip Technology on these wheels, to give your ride a more aggressive look on the road. TIS is also the first and only wheel manufacturer that places the size of the wheel right on the center cap. So when your friends ask how big those are, all you have to do is point.

    So if your looking to add the perfect finishing touches to your vehicle, then you should go with my suggestion and get you some TIS wheels. You will never regret making this decision.

    New from Superchips the Flashpaq Tuner!
    [ Posted By: Reezy on 12/7/2009 2:57:48 PM ] TOP OF PAGE

    What’s up everyone!?!? I would first like to welcome you to the AutoTruck Blog. Thanks for stopping by. My entry This week is about some new products that we are carrying here at

    That new product is the Superchips Flashpaq Tuner. Superchips have always been a leader in automotive performance computer chip tuners. Superchips have a motto that they go by: "Power has never been easier." With this years release of their new Flashpaq Tuner line of computer tuners that motto could not be any truer!

    Now available for 1996-2007 Chevy Silverado. Superchips introduces the Flashpaq! The easiest way to add performance tuning to your late model Silverado. The Flashpaq tuner allows you to download performance settings while also saving your Silverado's factory calibration, keeping all of the safety and emission programs operational.

    There is no easier way to improve your vehicle's performance than with a Superchips Flashpaq! The Flashpaq Tuner just plugs directly into your Silverado's diagnostic port. With the Flashpaq not only do you have two performance upgrades to choose from (87 Octane and Performance) there are more tuning variables than any tuner out there, so you can add custom touches to your Silverado's performance setting.

    Is your "Check Engine" light on? With the New Flashpaq, Superchips added the Diagnostic Trouble Code or DTC help let you identify what’s going on with your Silverado. That means you don't have to take your Silverado to the GM dealership and pay them just to see what’s going on with your truck. Aside from that you can also monitor engine and transmission parameters, and adjust your speed and rev limiter.

    Got a new set of rims on your Silverado? The Flashpaq can help you there too! You can calibrate the speedometer for different tire heights or gear changes. Not only that you can also adjust the transmission shift points and shift firmness. With the Flashpaq, Superchips has even gone as far as to allow you to adjust the trigger temperature for electric cooling fans.

    And to think-- all these performance modifications can be done from the comfort of you own driveway. To top that off, Superchips has made the Flashpaq updatable! You can update the Flashpaq with any new programs and tuning upgrades via a quick USB connection to your own home computer! No more having to send it back to be updated. You can do it all from your home or garage! Now that’s power in a box!

    Well that’s it for this week’s blog! To get more information on the Superchips Flashpaq Tuner go to Thanks for stopping by. Stay tuned for next week's blog on Motto Wheels!

    Signing off!


    Aka Roy Vaughn III

    Cold Air Intake Installation- Chapter 2
    [ Posted By: Gerwin on 12/7/2009 2:54:04 PM ] TOP OF PAGE

    After briefly looking through a few other aftermarket companies, I decided to purchase an Airaid Cold Air Intake (CAI) system for 'Flash', (My adoring nick name for the my Truck). Relying on extensive research through personal and professional resources, it became apparent that Airaid is without doubt the leader in aftermarket Cold Air Intakes; the benefits of which were duly noted in last week's blog. From the increase in fuel economy to the benefit of bolt-on horsepower, I decided that there really is no reason why anyone should not have one! On the surface it may seem like an expensive investment to make, but with the promise of getting better gas mileage, its actually an investment that will pay for itself!

    Arriving in a bright, well packaged container littered with benefits of the product's use, I eagerly opened up the box. I was greeted with easy-to-follow instructions, a guide to caring for the Filter Element, even stickers to proudly display the upgrade. Also included was the heat-shield, (some assembly required), which is designed to keep the engine heat away from the filter...hence the name "Cold Air Intake". The internal combustion engine makes more power from cooler, denser air as opposed to warmer air resulting from heat built up inside the engine compartment. So it stands to reason that by blocking off this heat, the engine can make more power from cooler air extracted further away from the engine.

    The assembly was ingenious really; Airaid's engineers save you time and money by utilizing some of the existing intake tubing, so as to not disrupt some of the delicate O2 sensors that balance the engine. Having assembled the heat shield, (which took all of 15 minutes), I pulled out the lethargic factory Air Filter Assembly and loosened some of the needed factory clamps which the Airaid CAI will use. Placing the heat shield into place was a snap, and Airaid even included extra nuts and bolts to firmly hold the device in place using existing Factory holes in the fender-well. After tightening everything to spec, I unwrapped the new Cone-Style Filter Element, (which was already pre-oiled and ready to go), and installed it as well.

    Just when I thought I was done and ready for a test drive, Airaid even included a piece of flexible weather-stripping to place along the top of the heat shield! When installed, it creates a tight seal between the filter and the underside of the hood. Talk about being well thought out; I was very impressed at the level of detail Airaid put into their products. Slammed the hood, gathered up my tools, and fired Flash up for a test drive...

    Next week- The results.

    Protecting Your Truck Tailgate From Damage
    [ Posted By: WiseOne on 12/7/2009 2:35:51 PM ] TOP OF PAGE

    EzDown has come up with one of the most useful products for your truck's tailgate that we have seen to date. This handy Tailgate Damper from EZDown will let your truck's tailgate down slowly, at a controlled rate.

    We all know how frustrating it is when your tailgate flops down too fast, endangering hands and fingers (not to mention our good moods), or our children's fingers, when trying to get groceries out of the back. I am sure you, reading this, have likewise cringed when opening your tailgate only to hear it slam down with a loud thud. Oh, you think, it broke something!

    EZDown may not get the Nobel Peace Prize for such a nifty contraption but, if we thought they could, we would nominate them to be sure!

    Installation is so ridiculously simple, even your dear 'ol Grandmother could install this. Heck, why not make her a deal, if she installs your EZDown Tailgate Damper, you will mow her lawn! Maybe she will make your favorite pie the first time she opens your tailgate to get her vittles from your truck bed after a stint at 'ol Wally-World!andnbsp;andnbsp;

    We are firm believers in this product and highly recommend it to you! Take a look at the movie above and no more needs be said.

    Where you can find an EZDown Tailgate Damper:

    Chevy Silverado Truck EZDown Tailgate Damper
    Dodge Ram Truck EZDown Tailgate Damper

    -- WiseOne Wuz Here

    Need Better Suspension for Your Ride?
    [ Posted By: Carver on 12/7/2009 2:29:40 PM ] TOP OF PAGE

    Eibach springs are one of the most popular brands of suspension that you can own on your vehicle. Created from the highest quality alloy wire, made specifically for Eibach to meet their exacting specifications. This exclusive "Eibach" wire is then cold wound on precision CNC equipment, heat tempered, end ground (depending on application), shot penned and pre-set for fatigue resistance, tested by their stringent QA department (required for QS9000), the phosphate treated and epoxy powder-coated for corrosion resistance. Only then are they imprinted with the Eibach name. Eibach is located right here in the states, so that you know you are getting quality American made engineering.

    Now I've just told all the scientific mumbo jumbo about what these springs are made of. Now let me tell you what they can do for you vehicle.

    Changes To Your Vehicle

    • Integrated Front/Rear Balance.
    • Ultimate On-Road Handling.
    • Low, Lean Look.
    • Complement Large-Diameter Wheels and Tires.
    • Flatter Cornering.
    • Lower Center of Gravity.
    • Increased Resistance to Rollover.
    • Enhanced Response and Stability.
    • Excellent Ride Quality.
    • Million-Mile Warranty.

    I have personally seen these springs installed on a car and truck. They gave each vehicle a more aggressive look, and I asked how the ride was over bumps and through corners. They said the bumps were not as jarring as they were before with the factory suspension, and with the corners, I was told the handling was very impressive. But you are the deciding factor. If you feel like you vehicle needs extra suspension or better handling, then you need Eibach springs.

    Need Better Gas Mileage?
    [ Posted By: Josh on 12/7/2009 2:25:58 PM ] TOP OF PAGE

    Tips to improve performance and increase fuel efficiencyYou don't have to drive less to save fuel. There are several improvements you can make to your vehicle to decrease your visits to the local pumping station. The following items can improve your vehicles overall performance and increase fuel efficiency.

    The trick is to make your engine run more efficiently so that the maximum amount of the fuel and air supplied for internal combustion is used rather than wasted. Along with increased fuel efficiency, you will also experience more power and response.

    Air Intake Systems

    Cold air intake systems improve the overall airflow to your engine. This improved movement of air enables your vehicle to run more efficiently. Providing good airflow to the engine will give you more power with less waste.andnbsp;Air FiltersAn engine works best when it does not have to work hard to retrieve air. Replacing your stock filter allows your engine to breath more easily and supply more air to the internal fuel/air mix.

    Exhaust Systems

    Changing out your vehicles exhaust system will allow the engine to work more efficiently by providing a larger opening and better route to expel fumes. Also, if there is a lot of backpressure, your engine will not have as much room to burn the all of the fuel and air supplied.

    Spark Plug

    Improving the spark will enable your engine to burn more of the air and fuel supplied to it. This will decrease fuel waste by getting a complete burn out of the fuel supplied to it.

    Spark Plug Wires

    Improving the spark plug wires will increase the spark flow to the plug, which turn the energy transmitted into fire.

    Ignition Coils

    Ignition coils are one of the first places the spark travels. Getting a good spark from the ignition coil to the wire increase overall burn.

    Aluminum Wheels

    Try replacing your heavy factory wheels with lightweight aluminum wheels. The decreased unsprung weight means less rolling resistance, hence better starting/stopping performance and increased fuel mileage from decreased rotating mass.

    Another way to save your gas is to keep it in your tank, and not your neighbor's gas tank! How, you ask? has you covered, of course, with this handy locking gas cap.

    Chevy has a 200,000 Mile Club?
    [ Posted By: Carver on 12/7/2009 2:22:19 PM ] TOP OF PAGE

    Okay, so I was looking at the Chevy site, and I came across something that I thought was pretty cool. Chevy Silverado has a 200,000 Mile Club!! Its all these people that have put up pictures and stories of how their Silverado has gone over this mile marker. I give Chevy and these people credit for building and taking care of a truck. I don't think my truck would even make it to that many miles. Either I'm going to kill my truck or it's going to be sold to someone else by then. If you think about it, 200,000 miles is a pretty big milestone for a truck nowadays. I say this because most people don't take care of there vehicles once they get older, but apparently these people do. I just thought that was quite interesting and thought maybe ya'll would like it to here about it, or not...

    I'm out.
    GMC, ESPN and the NFL , what do these 3 have in common?
    [ Posted By: Captain Brent on 12/7/2009 2:19:33 PM ] TOP OF PAGE

    GMC, ESPN and the NFL have joined forces to reach millions of football fans nationwide this season.andnbsp; Describing it as the largest marketing campaign in GMC history, their "Keys to Victory" ad campaign will consist of television, radio and print advertising. This marketing campaign will last the entire 16 week season, with someone winning a new GMC Sierra truck every week during the Monday Night Football season. This long campaign will be beneficial to all involved. First off it will benefit GMC by having their products exposed to the national public week in and week out through Monday Night Football, one of the biggest television draws of the week. It will also benefit ESPN and the NFL by having viewers tune in week to week to see if they have won. Now that you know a little bit about how it works, here is how you can enter to win a GMC truck. Logon to GMC Keys To Victory for three chances to win the all-new 2007 GMC Sierra.

    Viewers will have the opportunity to win by:

    1. Voting online for who they think will win each week's Monday Night Football match-up (fans can gain insight by viewing a video analysis by Joe Theismann)
    2. Interacting with Joe Theismann by answering football trivia questions
    3. Interacting with the all-new Sierra vehicle via virtual tour

    Now that you know what the contest is and how you can enter, I wish you good luck and Go Niners!

    Dodge Marketing Tools
    [ Posted By: Reezy on 12/7/2009 2:14:56 PM ] TOP OF PAGE

    I have got to give to up to the Dodge Caliber marketing team! Have you seen the commercials that they have out? That is some funny stuff!andnbsp;The Caliberandnbsp;marketing program has got it going on. They leave you wondering where do they come up with this stuff? In conjunction with Lauchpad's blog last week about howandnbsp;Toby Keith is Ford Tough and he works on the farm, hauls his Ford guitars around, and nails wood together with his Ford truck (Yeah that's gay!). I am going to talk today about theandnbsp;Dodge Caliberandnbsp;commercials out there. Most car manufacturer's commercials out there have their way own of promoting andandnbsp;selling theirandnbsp;cars to the public. Be it by paying celebs to promote their vehicles in commercials or the same ole crap about being the number one selling car or truck in it's class or in America for that matter. I must say that gets old after awhile! When those commercials come up I automatically start my thumb crunches and being to channel surf. "Wow the brand new new 07 Toyota Camry is the number one selling car already!?!?! I think I amandnbsp;going get off my butt and go buy or lease one today!" "NOT!" I don't care about that! That car isn't cool! Well maybe for the andnover the hill crew but not for me. andnbsp;andnbsp;

    This is where the Caliber comes into play. The first commercial I seen of the new Dodge Caliber was of the Muppet type characters giving their input on the Caliber. A pretty hot brunette lady unveiledandnbsp;a sweetandnbsp;black Dodge Caliber R/Tandnbsp;to these lovable characters and ask "So what do you think?". The first Fuzzball little muppet that is suckingandnbsp;on a lollipopandnbsp;says "Don't take this the wrong way but it doesn't make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside" then a cute little mystical pink unicorn adds that she finds it "Dark and disturbing". Then what looks to be an out of work muppet or a gaint green muppet with a terrible accent from Jim Henson's "The Muppet Show" that had all the scenes that he was in cut from the show, says that the Caliber "isandnbsp;not a cuddly nor wuddly". The hot chick then asks the muppet of the hour what he thinks! Binky,andnbsp;a scared big eyed only God knows what he rises up in his chair andandnbsp;says "It scares the (Insert Four Letter Word here) out ofandnbsp;me!" Then behind the glass window you see some people. Two guys in suits look at each other one then says "Perfect" as the other looks and says "That's just the reaction we were looking for".andnbsp;I don't know about you guys and gals but I found that to be freakin' hilarious!andnbsp; If you didn't find that funny your gay! That's the bottom line!andnbsp;

    That's not it folks! The Dodge marketingandnbsp;crew have more commercials out there.andnbsp;The Fairy commercial where there is a silly little fairy flying next to a Caliber trying to change it with its pixie dust. With no avail the fairy gets slammed up against a building where aandnbsp;clownshoe slurppy is walkingandnbsp;his dog, stops to point andandnbsp;laugh at the fairy. Then the fairy turns him into a Ivy league preppy clownshoe slurppy with four goofy little dogs. That's a funny commercial. They don't brag about the car and its crash test ratings. Its just aandnbsp;simple, humored commercial.

    The best ones of all though, I my opinion, have to be the Pig andamp; Bear commercials. These commericals remind me of when I was a little lad growing up watching the Paddingtion Bear cartoons with the book like cartoon stills, as the narrator reads aloud the story to you. The setting of these commericals are in the great and wonderfulandnbsp;place called "The Meadow" In the adventures of two best friends Pig andamp; Bear, the friends are greetedandnbsp;by a newcomer toandnbsp;The Meadow, namedandnbsp;Caliber. As they go about their lives inandnbsp;The Meadow, Pig andamp; Bear invite Caliber to all their great adventure's. LaLaLa, LaLaLaLa, LaLaLa, LaLaLaLaandnbsp; Caliber EEEEE! Need less to say "IT'S ANYTHING BUT CUTE"andnbsp; With this I leave this weekandnbsp;with a clip ofandnbsp;one of the Pigandnbsp;andamp; Bear commercials.andnbsp;


    Reezy's out!

    Forget your CD Players and Changers: The future of Digital Music in your car.
    [ Posted By: Gerwin on 12/7/2009 2:10:49 PM ] TOP OF PAGE

    A few years ago, my brother and I made a trip to the beautiful State of Indiana to visit my grandparents. While not a complete, all-out road trip, Evansville is close enough to reach in a matter of a few hours and just far enough away to actually feel like you’re ‘out of town’. Like any family visit, we generally have traditions we look forward to upon every trip, and this venture was no exception. Loading up fishing poles, some tackle, and one nasty bag of chicken livers, we climbed into my Grandpa’s Crème-colored Oldsmobile 88.

    A lethargic tank by both appearance and performance, this would be our transportation to some of the best cat-fish ponds in Southern Indiana. Although considerable time has passed between now and then, one thing stuck in my mind about that car. It had an 8-Track player in the dash! I remembered when I was a little kid that my dad had a few old 8-Tracks laying around the garage, but this was my first experience in seeing one actually mounted in-vehicle. We still poke fun at him about it; he couldn’t figure out why a cassette tape wouldn’t play when he shoved one in there.

    Now, I’m a bit of a music lover by nature. From blues to jazz, from country to rock, I pretty much like it all. Ask me what I have in my CD player on any given day, and chances are, it will be completely the opposite as the day before. But given the experience in recording technology mentioned above, I would like to digress into the advances we have seen in portable music over the years.

    I hope I’m not speaking to a deaf audience when I make the assumption that everyone has at least owned a cassette tape. Working on a thin strip of plastic tape spooled inside a compact plastic case, this was the primary media for buying, recording, and listening to your favorite band at your leisure. And of course, car manufactures followed suit by producing in-dash cassette players. This of course, was all the rage since you could now listen to your choice of music quickly and easily as opposed to limited-range FM radio or static-filled AM talk radio. Of course, like any new advent in such technology, it came with inherent flaws. For one, you couldn’t listen to the songs you wanted immediately since they were all “spooled together”. I remember quite clearly guessing when to hit the stop button during the rewind process, only to be met with the middle or ending of the song previous to the one I wanted to listen to. The other problem was reliability; simply put, the tape was subject to wear and didn’t last long exposed to direct sunlight or debris entering the cassette itself. These problems were solved with the advent of the Compact disc…

    Next week: How the CD revolutionized portable music.

    How To Put Your Gas In Da Bank?
    [ Posted By: WiseOne on 12/7/2009 2:04:36 PM ] TOP OF PAGE

    This bank stores something far more valuable to Americans than money...gas! According to the article in Fox News, one man is getting his gas now for $.99 cents, which is what he paid for it several years in advance (normal prices for gas were ranging close to $3 per gallon at the time). Heck, I wish I had heard of this "bank" that far back! Simply provocative is this innovative story, according to me.

    I guess this will totally change the old saying..."laughing all the way to the bank" as Americans would be in total glee, in their current gas-fueled stupor, at the thought of a gas bank.

    I like the idea of this "gas bank"; the only problem I could see is a time where only the rich could store gas and the poor would be S.O.L. for lack of a better term. The bank is actually available to anyone who wants to use it, at this point, and it utilized by the swipe of a card and the entering of a simple PIN number; I have to give to First Fuel Bank for one hell of an idea!andnbsp;andnbsp;

    — WiseOne Wuz Here
    -- Imagination is more important than knowledge – Albert Einstein

    I'm a Rambling Man.
    [ Posted By: Launchpad on 12/7/2009 1:54:35 PM ] TOP OF PAGE

    This week I was thinking about what I would write and somehow the topic of history came to mind. No, I will not be speaking of Toby again this week, he is dead to me now. But where to start? Surely I cannot surmise the history of the automotive world in just a few paragraphs, much less do I even contain that much knowledge about it. Gerwin suggested...a ramble will suffice.

    The history and heritage of cars has become a part of American life. They like our family and friends are there from day one. Transporting us to school and work, tagging along for first dates, vacations, job interviews, successes and failures. Every once in awhile a certain model or brand strikes our attention and earns our respect. Either through its daft feats of speeding victory, amazing curves that make everyone look even though they've seen it a hundred times before, or the ability to put up with the kind of neglect and abuse that would make Marilyn Manson sniffle, and yet keep on ticking.
    Therefore we attach ourselves to these cars, they reflect what we desire in our lifestyles and personalities. We develop a sense of respect for there accomplishments, and give credit were credit is due.

    Most of all, we remember. We remember that old beat up Monty Carlo that drank oil and had leprosy, but it got us where we had to go for a long time. We remember that old El Camino we worked on all summer that was so ugly. But when fall time came and the work was done she sure would tear a hole in the wind. We remember that 10 or even 20 year old foreign car that was falling apart at the edges but refused to give up and die no matter how hard we tired to kill it. These are the things that make us fall in love in with our cars. This is how car companies earn our business and trust.

    Like in our love lives, through trial and error we discover what cars are right for us and which ones only bring us head aches. But oddly enough, once that car works its way into our heart, they do seem to become a member of the family. Go ahead, prove me wrong. Go through your grandmother's picture book and see if you can't find one or two in the background. Maybe a summertime shot where the family Impala is getting a bath. Or that old Ford pickup granddad had, sitting out in the drive way during winter. Holding snow on the hood just so you could make some snowballs and keep something between you and your brother. Ah ha, I thought you might find one.

    Hitch Critters... The perfect redneck gift!
    [ Posted By: Captain Brent on 12/7/2009 1:36:32 PM ] TOP OF PAGE

    The definition of a hitch is: a device attached to the chassis of a vehicle for towing. Put that together with the definition of a critter: any living creature, wild or domestic and you get Hitch Critters. Hitch Critters is a combination of making something that is useful ,but at the same being humorous as well. These critters are available in 5 different models and require a wire trailer tow harness for animation.. The first one is a flopping bass for all you fishermen and fisherwomen out there. This bass when plugged into your trailer tow lights comes to life flip flopping back and forth with the eyes lighting up acting like brake lights. The next one they offer is a buck deer. This Don't-Shoot-Deer flips its legs up and down and a bulls-eye painted on its belly lights up when you hit the brakes. The next three are new this year and are a dog, horse and hog. The dog is affectionately named Bad Dog and shakes like an alcoholic needing another drink when the brakes are hit. His collar also lights up for added safety. The next one on the list is a horse, titled Whoa! Horsey. This horse throws up a stop sign that lights up when the brakes are hit. Last and not least is the famous Wheelie Hog for all you Hog lovers out there. This portly pig has his shirt off going for a Sunday ride through the countryside. When the brakes are hit, he pulls a wheelie and the headlight is lit up to let those behind you know you are stopping.

    These critters will add some safety to your vehicle along with some looks that can go either way. Hitch Critters are also 100% Redneck tested and approved and would make a great Christmas gift for anyone who loves to laugh.

    The Future of Digital Music: Pt. 2
    [ Posted By: Gerwin on 12/7/2009 1:33:03 PM ] TOP OF PAGE

    Beginning the second chapter of my digital music blog, we will take a step forward and talk about the advent of the Compact Disc, otherwise known as the CD. I would have to go as far to say maybe 99% of all people living in the United States is at least familiar with the CD. Perhaps a few technology laggards (in the most extreme sense of the word) has not seen a CD, but pretty much everyone is familiar that flat, shiny little masterpiece.

    This was our first real venture into the realm of portable, digital music. Although cassette tapes dominated the recordable media industry for much of the 80's and early 90's, the CD was actually introduced in 1982, with the specific purpose of recording and playing back digital audio. First introduced in Asia , it was highly received and wildly successful and was soon introduced to other markets. Considered the 'Big Bang' of audio recording, the CD offered several advantages over the audio tape discussed in last week's blog. The biggest advantage, being ease of playback.

    The audio CD user could now 'scroll through' the songs they liked the most, repeat the song they liked indefinitely, shuffle songs for random playback, even program a play-list of specific songs they wished to hear exclusively. But the convenience didn't stop there; eventually multiple disk changers were released that offered the option to scroll through 6, 8, even 10 disks and sometimes more. Although, this incredible technology did not come without it's problems either. For one, the CD is just as prone to damage as the cassette was, if not more so. Left out in the hostile environment of a vehicle, Compact Discs were subject to damage from direct sunlight, liquid spills and more importantly, scratches. A deep scratch across the disk's surface or a series of smaller ones usually spelled death for reliable and accurate playback.

    Leading into next week's blog, I'll attempt to give some layman's terms on just how a CD works. A compact disk is about 1.2mm thick and is constructed from polycarbonate plastic. The actual data that is stored on the CD is not embedded in the plastic, rather, it is etched in Super Pure Aluminum and although rarely used, gold. When I say 'etched', I'm referring to very, very small pits written in the aluminum which contain data. A CD player has an optical eye which casts a laser into these pits, which in turn, reads the data. After the player's software has interpreted the material, it will then play the music written on the CD! A bit complicated, I know. But the take-away here is that the data read is digital code as opposed the magnetic resonance we saw on the Cassette Tape.

    Here's a fun fact: When designing the original compact disc, engineers set a goal of 74 minutes for a reason; They wanted a single CD to be able to contain a complete rendition of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony.

    Tip 9
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    This week I’m going slightly off the beaten path. Okay, so I am actually going to miss it by a mile. I've decided, however, that this week we need to discuss how to reheat leftovers in honor of Thanksgiving. I know that at the Wallace Ranch, we get down on the leftovers as much as the meal. I mean, who doesn’t love a turkey sandwich at 11 PM on Thanksgiving night? Not necessarily, because you actually need it, but it just sounds so good.

    Let’s start with the centerpiece of our meal. You have two hours from the oven to the fridge for the turkey. Why? Because I said so. No, seriously. You have two hours before bacteria arrive on the bird and wreak havoc on your stomach. But once you have made it to the fridge with the turkey, you are good for 3-4 days. If you have a lot of turkey left, you may want to freeze it. I generally never have that problem because my food is lucky to make it past my face on the first round. You can actually do a lot with turkey. Things like casseroles, salads, chili, sandwiches, and turkey pie. Hungry? Well wait. There’s more!

    There are several things you can do with all the other goodies. My favorite part is the fried potato cakes that you can have for breakfast from the leftover mashed potatoes. Yes, yes, I said fried. Because in the South we fry everything. Then of course there are all the other things that you made that are good right out of the microwave. Stuffing and gravy are great the next day but you have to be careful that the gravy is heated to a rolling boil before you eat it. Stuffing and gravy can be kept for 1-2 days before it has the potential to kill you.

    Desserts are a different story altogether. I know most of them never had a chance to see the light of the following day. But for the most part, you don’t have to do anything with them unless they have dairy products in them, such as cream cheese or whipped topping. The rest of the desserts can be left out for the scavengers to eat at will.

    I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, and may your leftovers make your tongue slap your brains out.

    Tip 10: Exhaust Systems, Part 1
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    This week’s tip is all about exhaust systems. An exhaust system is actually just a mix of pipes and mufflers. The exhaust system's only purpose in life is to remove spent gas from the engine to a place more convenient. Exhaust systems are available in several configurations. Cat-back, turbo-back, and axle-back are the most common aftermarket exhaust system configurations.

    These systems are available with single and dual tip applications. Vehicles with smaller engines do not require dual piping on their exhaust systems. Dual pipes offer more ventilation for vehicles with larger engines but, for a standard four cylinder engine, would be for cosmetics only. That doesn’t mean that vehicle owners shouldn’t install a dual exhaust, it just means that the dummy pipe on a four cylinder dual exhaust system would be... well, Dumb. The secondary pipe won’t do a thing for vehicle performance. OK, Hot rod. So, it may look fast but if you wanted horsepower then you should have bought a car designed for horsepower. Fast looking tips are a lot less expensive than a dual exhaust system. If you're just after looks, then tips are the way to go.

    Raise your hand if you have ever wondered “What is the difference between cat, turbo, and axle-back exhaust systems?” Good job. Now put down your hand before you start drawing attention to yourself.

    Cat-back exhaust systems go from the catalytic converter to the rear (or side in some cases) of the vehicle. This system leaves all of the emissions control equipment in place but allows you to change the piping and muffler.

    Axle-back exhaust systems are an alternative to a cat-back system. An axle-back system replaces the section of piping from the rear axle, to the rear of the vehicle. This set up is perfect for your Ford Fiesta. It’s actually the only type available for some cars because the bulk of the piping is welded to the catalytic converter. The turbo-back system is only available for vehicles equipped with turbo systems.

    The turbo-back system will include every pipe from the turbo to the tip. This will not include the catalytic converter. The factory converter will be retained for use on the new system.

    Check back for part 2 of this tip...
    Tip 10: Exhaust Systems, Part 2
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    Last week we started this voyage across the mandrel bent sea of exhaust systems. Here we go with part 2. Upgrading your vehicle's exhaust system is a good way to increase horsepower, acquire more ventilation, and release torque that has been held hostage by your engine -not to mention that the sound of your vehicle will go from a squall to a roar in no time. The larger mandrel bent tubing and low restriction mufflers make a great difference for your vehicle.

    Alright, now we can't forget about "Big Brother" and all his restrictions. The government doesn't fancy the idea of you bypassing smog control equipment and they have no problems with telling you about it. I can see it now; you've just completed installation of your new system and off you go to get the car registered. Not a good idea. Most major cities require you to get "Smogged" before you can drive your car on their "turf". So there you are at the testing facility, the emissions test has just completed and they notify you that you have failed. They inform you that it will be necessary for you to re-install all smog control equipment before your vehicle can pass the inspection. This is why most exhaust manufacturers make systems that keep all OEM smog equipment in place.

    When buying an exhaust system, one of the first questions will be about gas mileage or horsepower. The performance gain is different for every application but the average is approximately 10%. These systems will also increase fuel efficiency. In Part 1 of this tip, I mentioned that "The exhaust systems only purpose in life is to remove gas from the engine to a place more convenient." This simple process allows the engine to run cooler and perform better. A better performing engine will use less gas and increase your fuel economy under normal driving conditions.

    Several exhaust systems are designed to be completely bolt-on. Bolt-on means that factory mounting locations are used for installation and all hardware is included. Actually, I believe the only things not included are the hand tools and a cold beverage of your choice.

    Exhaust manufactures make their systems out of several different grades of steel. The best type is aircraft quality T-304 stainless steel. This grade of stainless steel will allow the exhaust system to last throughout the life of your vehicle. Aluminized steel systems work well but are more susceptible to rust. This rust will make your exhaust fall apart over time. Don't get me wrong, an aluminized steel exhaust system can still be a good purchase but don't expect to get any extra miles out of it.

    Fun Fact: A possum does nothing for an exhaust system. I have a 1984 Monte Carlo that at one time was my daily driver. I hit a possum going about 60 MPH and... -lets just say those rusty old pipes never stood a chance. The car then sounded like a lawn mower on steroids.
    The Snow Plow Guide For Dummies!
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    Chevy Truck Snow Plow from Agri-CoverHere I am checking out accessories on a Ford Truck accessories site. Browsing... WAM. There's a snow plow. Personally, I think that this is the coolest thing you could possibly buy if you live in an area that has massive amounts of snow. Here in Tennessee it might snow once a year if you're lucky. Agri-Cover made a 7'x18" anodized aluminum blade coupled withandnbsp;tough 1" rubber cutting edges on either side for you to play in the snow. Yes, you're actually supposed to use it for work but who said shoveling the driveway couldn't be fun?

    To begin plowing, all you need to do is remove the pin, lift the blade one end at a time and lower it over the push frame and replace the pin. AWESOME!!! Now you're ready to plow. Wait a minute... I know what you're thinking. What if I hit something? Well, the plowandnbsp;floats on the push frame allowing it to slide up and down with the grade of the terrain . The thick rubber cutting edge moves snow yet leaves your driveway intact. When you're done playing with your new toy, simply reverse what you did when you started.

    Now to the meat of our snow plow feast -how to install it. Every kit comes with a mount kit (front receiver hitch), push frame, and plow blade. Simply mount the front receiver hitch to the front of your vehicle, slide the push frame into the front hitch and secure the push frame with the hitch pin. Once you have secured the push frame you are ready to attach the plow. Lift one end of the blade at a time onto the holders and secure with snap pins.andnbsp;Installation takes between 30 minutes and one hour depending on your technical skill and specific front hitch.

    The 411 on Santa
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    Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house.... Yeah right, like you’re asleep. Santa is on the way and there is no sleep in sight. I remember being little and stressing out because we didn't have a chimney. How is Santa supposed to bring me any presents if he can't get in? My dad always told me that Santa had a key to our house. That got me to thinking. I wonder if Santa has a key to everyone's house. Turns out that Santa can get in no matter where you live. Even if you live in a hut on the beach. This guy is coming for a visit. Here are a few of the ways Santa can get it.

    1) Chimney - Please make sure that the fire is out. Santa does not like a burnt back side.

    2) Front Door - He will have a key or leave the door unlocked.

    3) Window - Leave a window open and Santa will climb on in.

    4) Magic - He only uses this when there are no other options.

    There are still several things that I don't understand about Santa and how he gets everything done in one night. Leave it to a very intelligent friend of mine to help me with that. As a result of gradual rotation of the earth at around 24,000 MPH. Santa has one hour per time zone to distribute toys. Not to mention Rudolph's lead hoof and ability to, as we say in the south, fly low. I also wondered how you never seem to hear Santa when he lands. Well his sleigh and reindeer never touch down. Similar to helicopter you might see on your favorite episode of A-Team. Santa gets really close and steps off with the goods. Now we have Santa in our house and wait a minute. What did we leave him to eat? Most people leave out cookies and milk. Santa gets tired of the same old thing and that's where things get interesting. At the Dub Ranch, Santa gets a salad and a Coke. Although I've heard that he likes carrots, wine, and all the left overs in the fridge. Awesome!! It's Christmas. You wake up and see presents and notice that not only are the cookies gone but Santa's hand writing looks ridiculously like moms. No matter, you have presents. Dive in.

    Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas.!!!
    AirAid Performance Parts
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    Let's discuss Airaid performance parts. Airaid started as an air intake manufacturer that used third party filters. Eventually, Airaid engineers decided that they could manufacture better air filters than those offered by thier suppliers. What they came up with was a performance air filter, sold under the Airaid name, that is made up of multiple gauze layers, an epoxy coated wire mesh, and a layer of material called Synthaflow. Synthaflow is a material designed by Airiad that is capable of removing more particles and water than any other performance air filter. The seal on the cool air dam, the boots on the tube, and the seal on the filter are all made from polyurethane instead of rubber like most other filters. Polyurethane can tolerate all chemicals common to any vehicle.

    The classic Airaid intake comes with a modular intake tube and Synthaflow filter. In most cases, using a classic intake requires relocation of the air intake box. An Airaid cool air dam (CAD) system brings the coldest air possible to the engine. Cold air helps remove waste heat from the engine, is more dense, and can consequently deliver more cumbustion-fueling oxygen per cubic inch. The Quick Fit kit replaces the top of the air box with a cool air dam while leaving the bottom half of the air box in place. The Quick Fit kit is exactly as it's name implies -easy to install.

    The Airaid modular intake tube (MIT) by itself flows up to 400cfm more air than a factory tube. The tube is constructed of cross-linked high density polyethylene.

    The Airaid throttle body spacer (TBS) is designed to atomize the fuel/air mixture as it enters the combustion chamber. The “helix bore” of the PowerAid throttle body spacer accomplishes this by spinning incoming air as it passes through the throttle body. The PowerAid throttle body spacer was designed to enhance midrange power, torque, and fuel efficiency; It also helps to get rid of that initial mushy pedal, giving you more throttle response at take off. Airaid also offers PowerAid throttle body spacers with PowerPorts. Specifically located to allow for the use of nitrous oxide or instrumentation sensors, PowerPorts are an all-new option to PowerAid units.

    Shelby GT500 is Back.
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    So I was looking around to see what I was going to write about this week. Now, I knew Ford was bringing back the GT500, but I didn't think it would be this cool! I remember watching that movie Gone in 60 Seconds, and that was the first time that I actually saw the classic Ford Mustang Shelby GT500. Talk about one hot car!! Every time I watch that movie, I get chill bumps just seeing that thing. With its beautiful body lines, not mention that powerful engine under the hood. That is a real muscle classic muscle car.

    Back to the new Shelby GT500, I was reading a review of the car, and the guy who wrote it had very interesting points about the car. I find it hilarious that some people are paying $10,000 above sticker cost for one of these things. I admit it's a beautiful vehicle but I wouldn't pay $43,000 for it. Let me break this down for ya'll. What are you actually paying for in this vehicle? I know what you’re paying for, and most people out there would agree with me, that it is the 500HP engine and the Shelby name on the back. This is not a luxury car by no means, it is straight power and muscle to the wheels.

    500HP is nice, but would I actually have the chance to use it on the open road? All you readers ask yourself that question.

    I'm Out...

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