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Cold Air Intake Installation- Round Three
[ Posted By: Gerwin on 12/8/2009 9:15:43 AM ]

Well, so far the entire process of ordering, assembling and installing my new AirAid Cold Air Intake was a piece of cake. The amount of detail AirAid puts into their products, coupled with easy to read instructions, made this upgrade a snap. If you have a basic set of wrenches and a flat-head screwdriver, anyone can perform this installation.

So with much anticipation I swung a leg into Flash and fired it up, (although I might have been a tad afraid the extra air-flow might confuse some of the many sensors in place leading up to the engine). Vroom!...She fired right up without hesitation. No blinking engine lights, no coughing from the motor, no indication of spontaneous combustion. So far, I'm pleased as punch.

I rolled the window down and stepped on the gas some, maybe taking it to 4,000 RPM or so, and I noticed a slight suction-kind of sound coming from under the hood. Revved it up a few more times, which yielding the same result. Hopped out of the truck and popped the hood, allowing the engine to remain running. Did I not tighten a clamp fully? Maybe the filter was not attached properly. Nope- it was just the extra airflow coming into the now de-restricted Cold Air Intake! Not only have I got increased airflow and better fuel economy, but my truck now sounds like a big whistlin' diesel. Love it or hate it, your new intake will probably make a similar sound; a consequence of the free-flowing nature of the AirAid Intake Filter.

Ok then, time for a test drive. Got back in, threw it in drive, and headed down the street. The power increase was not immediately apparent. I wasn't able to detect a great deal of low-end power increase. But with a 373 rear-end, that didn't come as a surprise. However, after placing the gas pedal flat on the floor, there was no doubt in my mind this was a great investment. Around 2,800~3,000 RPM, there was a noticeable amount of acceleration increase. The engine revved a bit quicker than before, winding cleanly through first gear until the 5k redline.

A smooth transition into second gear yielded equally pleasing results, as it was still in the meat of the mid-range power band. Nearing the top of second gear had placed me squarely in the 'Wreckless Driving' speed-category, so I let off the gas and turned around. Again, I brought the truck up to about 20 MPH, and punched the accelerator again. Flash downshifted to first and again surprised me with the results of the increase in midrange power. I was happy with the results to say the least. that I have a Cold Air Intake...Well, why stop there?

Next Week: AirAid's Throttle Body Spacer.

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