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Aguygen - The Gas Generator? Gas On Demand?
[ Posted By: WiseOne on 12/8/2009 9:49:44 AM ]

This upcoming product has me really intrigued and, I'm sure, will spark your interest as well. The possibilities are staggering and are highly provocative, to be sure! Think of need a bit more gas for the 'ol gas-guzzler?... well simply fire up your H20 1500 Aquygen Gas Generator, throw some distilled water in it and make you some gas! Sweet! I rarely get excited about these things, but I think this Aquygen company has probably hit something pretty big here.

They use ONLY their generator, distilled water, and standard electric current to produce the gas needed to power our gas-guzzling hogs and with very minor vehicle modifications to boot! A 30% fuel mileage increase is possible, according to Aquygen, at this point in it's evolution.

[ ...Aquygen™, also known as HHO gas, is already providing value in commercial use for: Fusing, Brazing, Cutting, Welding, Soldering, and Heating. Our H2O 1500 Aquygen™ Gas Generator produces the gas from water in a uniform, consistent flow. It can be used to fuse pieces of aluminum and other metals or to braze faster than traditional two-gas methods while requiring only one gas. Steel cutting is more fuel-efficient and 30% faster than traditional methods. Aquygen™ has numerous advantages over oxyacetylene, including improved safety and versatility in working with multiple materials. It even makes possible new artistic techniques...]

Can you imagine how many millions of barrels that might have to stay in their Arabian or Argentinean holes? IF only 30% of our consumption could be taken from their hands it could, at the very least, give us an emergency option for when Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Argentina do turn off the spigots! As we stand now, we are almost totally helpless if they do turn off the flow of black gold. It excites me to see companies actually doing this and NOT simply talking is all I'm saying!

WiseOne Wuz Here!
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