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Will I Ever Get a Chevy?
[ Posted By: Carver on 12/8/2009 9:54:57 AM ]

It's getting closer in time, for the new redesigned

07 Chevy Silverado
to hit the market. Now I have never been a big fan of Chevy. I like the new look of the truck, but it looks a lot like a Nissan Titan. I will give Chevy one thing. They do have one of the nicest interiors for a truck, and with new 07, they have just made it even better. The gauges look magnificent, the wood trim is top of the line, and they still have a kicking sound system with their factory Bose speakers. Even though I will always be a Dodge man at heart, I just wish Dodge could be more like Chevy with their interior. If Chevy had the power and good looks in their Silverado, I would sell my Ram today. But as I see that not happening soon, I just have to stick with Dodge.

Well at least Chevy and Dodge are both better looking than Ford. ( Ha ha ha ha....That's for you Gerwin!)

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