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OEM vs Aftermarket
[ Posted By: Anthonymous on 12/8/2009 10:02:58 AM ]

OEM Products are those that are sold by your vehicle's manufacturer. Did you know that today's vehicle manufacturers do not make their own products? It is true. The products you have on your vehicle from the factory are manufactured by an outside source. These outside sources are contracted to sell directly to the vehicle manufacturer. Once received by the manufacturer, the product is the stamped with their logo and either placed in the production line or boxed ready to sell to you. The vehicle manufacturer has created a failsafe also, in case this outside source breaches their contract. They need a backup plan in force. They have to contract the production of a product to more than one producer. This makes it very possible that you and your neighbor have the the same exact vehicle with products produced by different manufacturers. The draw to OEM Products is the peace of mind of having your vehicle manufacturer's logo, approval, on the product you are buying.

Aftermarket products are those that are produced and sold without having to go through your vehicle's manufacturer. These products are produced by an outside source that packages the product with their logo and sells through a retailer like us. This product is very similar to what you received on your vehicle from the factory. In many cases the Aftermarket Accessories we sell are designed to be an improvement upon the factory product.

My advice is that you do the research before buying any product. A well known name brand does not always equal better product. Weigh your options between the the OEM and the Aftermarket product. Find out what material the product is made of, what type of warranty it has, the installation process, etc... Don't believe the myths that all Aftermarket products will void your warranty, some may. Check out you owner's manual for that information. Do all the research and you can make an educated decision that fits the needs of your vehicle.

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