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Not Sure If Rugged Is A Strong Enough Word...
[ Posted By: Launchpad on 12/8/2009 10:07:05 AM ]

Recently has begun to carry products from a company called Rugged Ridge, they specialize in products for the Jeep Wrangler. Not long after I started working on this project I noticed a product that I thought was pretty impressive. The Rugged Ridge E-coated tube bumper.

These bumpers have many awesome features, including smooth welds and welded end caps. Doesn't it seem that every tube bumper out there is missing a plastic end cap or two? Or maybe it has a few spots where the welds look a little nasty? Well not on these babies!

Most impressive is the E-coating process used to paint the bumpers. It is also known as electrocoating, electronic coating, electronic painting, and electrophoretic coating. Conceived for the automotive industry because it provides a superior adhesion coverage. It is also corrosion-resistant and withstands the most rigorous salt spray, dielectric, acid resistance, and U.V. tests.
The bumpers are attached to metal racks and immersed in an e-coat paint bath. An electrical charge (either positive or negative) is applied to the rack and therefore to the parts attached to it. An opposite electrical charge is applied to the paint bath. The metal parts attract the oppositely-charged paint particles. As the paint is deposited it begins to act as an insulator and deposition slows, stopping at a thickness that is determined by the amount of voltage applied. Even though deposition may have slowed or be complete at one area on the surface of the part, deposition will continue at any uncoated or incompletely-coated areas of the part until complete coverage is achieved. Producing a complete and uniform coat, even on the most complex pre-assembled parts.
On top of that is a dual stage powder coat or stainless steel finish. All this adds up to a product that is extremely impact resistant, rust resistant, hell, everything resistant) and great looking.

If you're in the market for a new tube bumper, I can say ,with all honesty, that I highly recommend you check these Jeep Front Tube Bumpers out.

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