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Flash's Big Adventure Pt. 1
[ Posted By: Gerwin on 12/8/2009 10:17:26 AM ]

Keeping pace with last week blog, I'm still thoroughly satisfied with the incredible sound produced from the new Maganflow Cat-Back Exhaust System. Coupled with a power increase and a stylish look, it was definitely an investment worth making. Also mentioned in the previous blog, was the quest to see a maximum fuel economy rating for the truck. This, however, can only be accomplished with a decent road trip. Well, that opportunity has in fact presented itself in the form of my bi-annual trip to the Smokey Mountains of North Carolina.

Any Motorcyclist will agree that the Deal Gap region of North Carolina is something of a Biker Mecca. It offers everything you could ever want; long, flowing sweepers that parallel crystal clear lakes, smooth paved roads leading to the tops of mountains, and miles of roads that never seem to end. Even better, if your not into lazily cruising around the country side, you can try your skills on the Dragonandapos;s Tail. Possibly the most revered stretch of road in the United States, this section of road is only a mere 11 miles long, yet has no less than 318 curves. An incredible engineering feat, it winds itself completely around the side of a mountain, offering some breath-taking views.

So as the date draws near, Flash will be getting an oil Change and hopefully a wash before the trip goes underway. Loaded down with camping gear, coolers, and a couple of bikes and I'll be headed down that proverbial road. Accompanied by three friends, I'll be spending my weekend riding the best roads in the US, swapping stories with buddies and having cold ones around a campfire. And in the process, checking to see what sort of mileage I can squeeze outta Flash. Although loaded down with gear the MPG wonandapos;t be optimal, it will still be worth checking.

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