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Simple Addition and Subtraction?
[ Posted By: Anthonymous on 12/8/2009 10:20:14 AM ]

Simple Addition and Subtraction?

Since we have been able to comprehend numbers we learned the definition of addition and subtraction. Addition is the increasing of something. Subtraction is the reduction of something. I have to come find out that these definitions are not always true.

I went out to eat with my family a few weeks ago at a local restaurant. We decided to go Mexican, my favorite. As I was ready to order I noticed that the meal I wanted came with sour cream , which I despise. I continued to order and asked my waitress to leave off the dreaded condiment. Then my wife, to my surprise, orders a side of sour cream to go with her meal. This was all fine and well until we received the bill. Simple addition and subtraction right. My meal came with sour cream and wife's did not which should equal no charge. Think again, we were charged for her sour cream.

The world that teaches us from a very young age that Math is important does not always follow the equations we are taught. Just today I read two conflicting articles. The first article I read contained the "Top Ten" sold vehicles for the first six months of this year, in which the Ford Truck was number one. This is great for Ford, and you would think that, financially, if you had the number one selling vehicle your company would be flourishing. This company should be adding jobs and factories. Not so fast. The second article I read today told of Ford cutting 10,000 jobs and closing plants. The company said the changes are needed to end financial losses and remake itself into a smaller, more competitive car company.

I know that there are many variables that cause a business not to succeed. Just selling vehicles is just one aspect of the automobile industry. Which proves that simple addition and subtraction is not always as it seems.

Don't believe it? The next time you go out to eat leave something off your sandwich and see if you get a reduction on your bill.

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