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Don Don Don....Dont Believe the Hype!!!!
[ Posted By: Gerwin on 12/8/2009 10:27:03 AM ]

Installing the new Magnaflow Exhaust system may possibly have been the best investment I have made for my truck yet. I'm so pleased with the purchase on both an Aesthetic and Functional level, it truly begs the question as to why I didn't buy one sooner. Its almost as if I've transformed the rather ordinary, stock F-One-Fiddy into a unique, head turning street machine. But allow me to digress; I'm by no means bragging on it. Rather, I'm just pleased with what a simple, 30 minute upgrade can do for my truck- and yours too.

For one thing, the sound is incredible. It simply purrs at a perfect decibel level during idle, and is by no means loud during casual driving. In fact, I can still speak and listen freely while talking on my cell phone, whether traveling at highway Speeds or during monotonous stop and go traffic. The rumble never becomes overpowering, and travels just enough to make people turn around and give you a glance.

Secondly, the look is killer. Just barely edging out of the truck's side, it gives one just enough view to see the steel, while not sticking out and looking gaudy. Even better is Magnaflow doesn't just throw some chrome plating on some weak carbon steel; We are talking about Polished Stainless Steel backed by a lifetime warranty. Its simply a deal you can't beat, and one you can't get with other aftermarket exhaust companies.

Although not profound, a power increase has been noticed- particularly in the midrange. Not a bad thing to have during passing traffic or lane merging on Interstates. Particularly I see a little extra pull some where in the 2,500~3,500 RPM range. An increase in low-range torque has not been seen, but with a 373 rear end, that's not surprising.

Finally, a gas mileage increase has been seen! Per an experiment conducted last week, I've seen an increase of about 1.8 mpg under light highway driving. Thus resulting in a maximum of 18.6 miles per gallon with the new exhaust installed. Not bad considering the size of the truck. I would wager that longer interstate-style travel might result in breaking the 19 mpg mark, but with no trips planned in the near future, that will have to wait.

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