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Gerwins Wheels: Now and then...
[ Posted By: Gerwin on 12/8/2009 11:27:55 AM ]

As many of you in the reading audience may have noticed, the majority of my blogs have contained my Pickup as a central theme for content. From the aftermarket parts I have chosen, to the bitter and cold-hearted argument we had last week, I tend to use that Ford for a lot of material. However, a few days ago Iandnbsp;foundandnbsp;some datedandnbsp;picturesandnbsp;from the college days and stumbled upon a few picsandnbsp;of my last vehicle; an 87 Monte Carlo SS. Of course, my first thought was MAN, I sure do miss that car...but do I really?

This heavy-Chevy was my primary vehicle while living in Nashville, Tennessee for well over a year. Now, if you've never lived in the fast-paced urban environment of a large city, let me be the first to tell you; itís a lethal cocktail for cars. Especially for a mid-80's, carbureted Chevrolet. Constant stop-and-go traffic, people cutting you off daily, and roads that rival ATV trails are typicalandnbsp;of a large metropolitan area. But in thinking back I realized that it wasn't the roads or traffic that spurred me to get another ride...It was that freakin' car!

My typical work day went about like this: Rising with the sun, I had to be at work around 7:30 in the morning, with an average commute of around 20 minutes. Soandnbsp;this means I had to venture into the parking lot around 7am to get the car going. No need to bother with keys to unlock the door, they hadn't worked in years! Climbing into the seat, I was always just thrilled to be met with wet seats after a good rain, since the T-tops leaked without mercy all over the interior. (After a while I just started remembering to bring a bath-towel with me.) Inserting a key into the ignition was perilous; sometimes it would turn, sometimes it wouldn't. Thatís why I always kept my trusty can of WD-40 laying somewhere in the floor-board...

After a few good shots of that, the key would turn, but refused to start until after I had pumped the Gas pedal no less than 10 times. would fire up for a total of 3 seconds, then die....repeat process...repeat process again...and finally, after 3-4 tries, it would start. Although the first 30 seconds of running, it sounded eerily like a helicopter, producing a smoke screen from the exhaust pipes that more than likely kept mosquitoes out of the greater Nashville area. But after running for a good 4-5 minutes, eventually it smoothed out and actually became drivable. Fall or Springandnbsp;was the ideal time to drive the Monte Carlo, as it didn't have fancy things like Air Conditioning or a Heater.

Let me be the first to tell you that Rain-X is a valuable thing! Not that the windshield wipers didn't work- they just didn't work in the rain. Traveling down the interstate was actually a great exercise in keeping your wits keen; the Speedometer having loooong ago given up the ghost, so you always had to guess how fast you were going. Oil pressure was a bit of a mystery as well- Who knew a V8 could run on 4psi??? Certainly a tribute to the endurance of the 305 Chevy Small Block. Other than that, the only thing I had to worry about was keeping extra quarts of oil lying around. Funny; No one ever told me that a fresh quart every 500 miles was 'notandnbsp;normal'.

*sigh* Yeah, I really do miss that car.

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