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Gobble, Gobble, Baby. Turkeys Could Help Fill Your Stomach AND Your Gas Tank!
[ Posted By: WiseOne on 12/8/2009 11:31:06 AM ]

I read an interesting article today, on the Discover website, which I thought was so interesting that I would share it with you all. While reading this post I was reminded of that Back To The Future movie where the scientist used a garbage compactor to run his time machine. Well, people, we are making strides towards this end as we speak!

Allow me to elaborate; A company called Changing World Technologies in Carthage, Missouri has taken the first step towards the goal of turning garbage into energy sources. I am talking about what is called a Thermal Conversion Plant. This plant takes turkey waste from a Butterball plant, municipal sewage, and all kinds of other waste and makes what Americans love most (judging by the amount of traffic these days)...Black Gold, Texas Tea...oil that is! The oil is stated to be of such good quality, by chemists, that you don't even need a refinery to use it.

The oil that is produced from this waste is then taken to an oil company to be blended with fossil-fuel oils and the rest of the output is made into high-grade fertilizer, and the water discharge is benign enough to be dropped into the wastewater system.

They seem to be still working through some problems such as the smell, (having been fined several times by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources)andnbsp;normal costs of production, etc. The owners admit they have had some setbacks but they seem to be on the verge of a profit.

Awesome job Changing World Technologies, for all the you've overcome and done to this point. I, for one, wish you success in your venture. I would like to see you keep pushing this technology, as you never know what more might come of it in the future! To me it would be a tragedy to stop something with so much potential to drastically change our world due to the smell. I think it would be idiotic to be sure. Granted, I would not like the smell in my town, but surely we can find a way to alleviate it at, some point, to a reasonable level.

The idea that we could take most of our garbage and turn it into oil is awesome. We could keep billions of tons of garbage out of landfills, fill up our tanks, and at the same time deny Iran and Argentina billions of dollars in oil revenue...we can do more now than just dream is what I'm getting at...

WiseOne Wuz Here
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