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What is on the horzion for Team VMS? Will that childhood dream ever become a reality? Part 2
[ Posted By: Reezy on 12/8/2009 11:35:10 AM ]

In recent months things have come up that haven't allowed me to race has much as I would have liked this past year. Its hard to sit there and see your equipment just sitting there not being used. It is hard to wake up and know that it is Saturday morning and your not at the track racing, really sucks! But to look on the bright side of things, I hope that next year can be a turn around year. Sitting out most of the year really made me realize how much I miss it getting to race. Racing seems to be in my bloodstream. I feel that it overrides my red and white blood cells. Racing is what keeps me sane. It takes my mind off of everything that is going on around me and all that matters is what's going on right now. When I get in the kart out on the starting grid, I can feel my heart pumping, everything around me seems to be in slow motion that's when I know its time to "do tha damn thing". Put my game face on, go out the and do the best I can with what I got. All this adrenaline coming from a kart that sits less than an inch off the ground with a 5 hp Briggs and Stratton pushing out nearly 13 hp at 75-80 mph around a High banked 1/4 paved oval track.

In time I hope to get a few things straight for next year. In the works will be the purchase of a new Rage EVO chassis. Have both of my race engines rebuilt and get a few new sets of tires ordered. With the right deals coming through I will hopefully be running the WKA Heartland Pavement Series in 2007. This series consists of three national races in the Heartland (Mid-West) of the USA. The first event of the 2007 Heartland Pavement Series Nationals will be June 1-3 at Mid State Raceway in Springfield, IL. Mid-State Raceway is a quick 1/5 mile asphalt tri-oval. Second stop for the 07 WKA H.P.S Nationals will be in beautiful Shawano, WI on July 13-15 at USA International Raceway, a fairly new karting facility about 35 miles west of Green Bay, WI. Aug 17-19 will see the third and final stop of the H.P.S Nationals at the lightening fast Jamaica Raceway, a 1/5 mile paved oval located in Jamaica, IA. With some help from my current sponsors I hope to make this dream a reality come next year. Along with, hopefully, making a run for a WKA National Championship, I will be also making some weekly racing appearances at two of my favorite local pavement kart tracks. Dacosa Speedway in Byahlia, MS and Tennessee Raceway in Dickson, TN. Some of those headlining events for 2007 will be Feb. 17th Dacosa All Star Event Dacosa Speedway, Feb. 24th Spring Fling Tennessee Raceway, June 30th 5th Annual Firecracker Shootout Dacosa Speedway, July 28th Race-Against-Arthritis Dacosa Speedway, Nov. 11th Fall Finale Tennessee Raceway. If the good Lord's willing and the creek's don't rise, I might be racing some big races next year! That, in turn, will complete chapter one of my childhood dream of racing with the big boys!

Stay tuned!

Reezy #83

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