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Pontiac And Holden, Can't These Guys Just Get a Room?
[ Posted By: Launchpad on 12/8/2009 11:46:42 AM ]

Word on the digital street is that GM has put the green light on the Holden based Pontiac Grand Prix. In talking to different car buddy's of mine the common response is not upbeat. Many look at the GTO and fear that another Holden-Pontiac cross breed won't be the correct answer, citing GTO's mild looks and how they don't resemble the old goats that we know and love. Other opinions are of GTO's below par handling abilities and somewhat shoddy interior.

My view on the whole thing is strangely good, as any of my close friends will tell you that I am a hopeless pessimist ( I say that I am a realist. ) that lives by Murphy's law. As I see it General Motors idea to turn Pontiac into a rear-drive sportier division is the right direction, one that should have happened years ago. Holden is doing great work in their home country of Australia, selling cars like nobody's business and producing some fine sport variants in the meantime. Not to mention that the chassis structure in the Commodore will work for the Grand Prix and the upcoming Camaro. This makes since even to the lowliest of bean counters.

As far as the now out of production GTO, I think it was a pretty cool car. The Sleek look was almost stealth like, instead of being a "Hey look at me! I'm Fast! Give me a Freaking speeding ticket. NOW!" type car, its looks were a little more subdued. And in the handling and interior department, come on people. This car was around 30 grand brand new, not 40 or 50. It's not gonna be a Corvette or a Porsche. And even so, in the right hands this car will do things that would make your grandma's Camry throw up and pass out. Not to mention that straight line acceleration is on par with any hotrod in its price range then and now.

So looking back I say go for it GM! The pre-production photos of the car look great and you know there gonna stuff a big horse power motor in there for the SS version. The masses could use another modern day American hotrod priced below 50 grand. I wonder if it will be as fun as the old 1969 models with the 455 mill. One can only dream.

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