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Mobile TV Grows To $1.1 Billion. Just What Already Distracted Drivers Need Now.
[ Posted By: WiseOne on 12/8/2009 11:53:40 AM ]

Just when you think drivers couldn't possibly find anything more to distract them and cause more accidents with all the gadgets they could possibly fathom such as cell phones, navigation systems, lipstick, laptops, eating while driving, and the list goes on and steps the in-dash television. I like to refer to it as in-dash idiocy.

What more idiotic thing could American drivers need now than an in-dash television. Whoa, people, this is getting ridiculous now. The maker of the system I am talking about, KVH Industries, states that while in motion the television changes into a navigation system. That is all fine and dandy, but the problem is that people WILL, undoubtedly, find a way to allow them to watch TV while driving.

The only good thing I can see about the system is that it's price tag ($2,995 plus $44.95/month for satellite service) will hinder may people from getting it at this point, thankfully. But, when the price does drop, and it will, watch out on the sidewalks and make sure your kids stay far away from the the edge of the sidewalks, especially around stoplights.
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