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Let's ask Flash Part 2: The Sound and the Fury
[ Posted By: Gerwin on 12/8/2009 1:27:26 PM ]

Touching on last week's blog, I am still in the process of researching a set of Step Bars for the F-One Fiddy. There are actually quite a few things to look at when choosing the right parts for your truck, including Style, material used, finish, manufacturer, among other things. In fact it was me pacing around the truck that actually provided content for this week's Blog; a candid conversation with Flash.

"So Flash, what do ya think? Chrome Step Bars or maybe Powder Coated Black?" I asked.

"Well to be honest with you Gerwin, I'm kinda feeling some Chrome 4" Ovals myself" he replied. "I mean I know your trying to stay with a black motif and everything, but I really need something to match the exhaust pipes."

"So true Flash, so true." I answered "But now were talking more dollars here. Powder coat black would look pretty nice in my opinion too."

This is the point where I knew I had made a mistake... Flash looked at me with his evil eye...

"Yessss, that's right Gerwin. Always think about the money before you consider my feelings. You know good and well that Chrome would look great, jutting out from under the doors and flashing in the sunlight. And incidentally, what happened to that Jet Chip you promised me huh? And seat covers? I've been waiting on that for what, like, a year now?? Oh! And what happened to the Recon LED Third Brake Light that you told me was soooooo cool. Well, I'll tell ya I don't feel a whole lot brighter when slowing down!"

"Now you listen here Flash... You're running Mobil 1 Synthetic. The best oil on the market! You think that's cheap?? And anyway, don't act like I don't spend time and money on you. What's that sound you hear when accelerating? Hmmmm? Oh yeah, that's right, a COLD AIR INTAKE. You know good and well that business didn't come from the factory. So don't give me any sob story about how I don't give you upgrades on a regular basis."

" Yeah, oh yeah Gerwin I'm running Mobile 1...with a freaking Fram Filter!" He snapped back..."And it was really, really nice when you changed it 8,000 miles ago. Oh yeah I'm sooo grateful for that. You bet the CAI sounds great going down the road. Especially when you start feeling froggy and freaking Hammer it to the floor just for the sheer fun of it. Oh, and my personal favorite, is when you get out in the field and do countless donuts for no reason at all. Man that just really helps me sleep at night. see these water-spots on the hood?? Huh? Ya see them? Those arenít going away on they're own ya goon. Its called WAX Gerwin...WAX."

Well, it was becoming blatantly clear that I was going to lose this one. Flash was right. Promises had gone unfulfilled. New parts had gone uninstalled. I'm just glad he didn't bring up the time I played that Kenny G Live CD. Man I didn't think I would ever live that one down...

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