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Lets ask Flash: Form or Function?
[ Posted By: Gerwin on 12/8/2009 1:39:05 PM ]

Before beginning this week's blog, I would like to start out by throwing out a thought to my reading audience; When, (and if), you start to consider an upgrade to your ride, do you generally do this out of want, or necessity? As your digesting that food for thought, allow me to dive into my mad ramblings...

I'd like to draw on the already well-beaten-horse-of-a-topic concerning my recent trip to North Carolina. A recreational trip by definition, but also an educational one as well. Allow me to explain; Thus far in Flash's life, the majority of upgrades I've made to this heap of iron have been purely functional. The Airaid Cold Air Intake, Throttle Body Spacer, and the MagnaFlow Dual Exhaust System are by all accounts, a performance upgrade. (Although on some level I would consider the Exhaust System an aesthetic one as well...hehehe..) These additions have aided in Flash's performance and overall fuel economy, thus falling under the category of functional. However, my recent trip to the Smoky Mountains gave me good cause to make yet another upgrade to the Truck's already startling physique...but is it on a functional or aesthetic level???

Let me just start out by saying that its not a real great feeling tracking Grey, chunky-style mud into the interior of a basically new truck. Despite all my preventive maintenance of sturdier, aftermarket floor mats coupled with some bath towels, I still managed to do a fine job of getting some muddy-looking water on my carpet. And during such times of frustration, I thought to myself, how can I keep this garbage out of my truck...knowing full-well that the situation might arise again? And at that very moment, I saw a buddy of mine climbing into his rig to move it to a parking area. BUT, before doing so, he gently banged his boots against his black, powder-coated step bars. The result of this was knocking mud, gravel, and other debris off of his feet before sliding them inside on the floor mats. Weeellllll....looky there!

Of course, my first thought was, "Man, Flash would look killer with a nice set of Chrome Step Bars.." So the thought of keeping dirt off the floor mats and carpet had escaped me altogether and was quickly replaced by how the truck would LOOK.. But would that not be an addition that would serve the purpose of both schools of thought? Well, I should think so!

Well, as you may have guessed...looks like its time to start some Step Bar shopping. *Sigh* It just never ends.

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