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Part 4: Project Reezy's Dream Truck comes to an end!
[ Posted By: Reezy on 12/8/2009 1:59:10 PM ]

The time has come! Sadly the dreams have come to an end after today's blog. It's been a fun ride getting to share my dream vehicle with you all. Unlike most people who dream of one day own a Ferri or a Guinea (Ferrari/Lamborghini) as I like to call them. I tried to kept it simple and sweet andndash;something achievable. Anyone can dream of owning an exotic sports car, but how many actually get to own one? Well with Project Reezy's Dream Truck I like to think that it can be achievable goal.

Time for the run down! As stated in last weeks blog with the "Reezy Edition West Coast PreRunner", I am bringing the west coast off-road scene out to the east coast scene. This truck would be made to turn heads and get people to ask the questions, What is that?, Why did you lift a 2WD truck?, Can it go through mud?, What the hell is a PreRunner?, Does that thing have a Hemi?

As with the "Reezy Edition Super Truck" the "West Coast PreRunner" will be molded into a beautiful beast, starting life as a base model Bright White Dodge Ram Quad Cab 1500, 2-wheel drive truck with a 4.7L Magnum V8 engine. Starting out trying to find a suspension kit for a 2WD truck is not an easy task. More and more suspension companies are starting to offer 2WD suspension kits for Ford, Chevy, and Toyota as for those are the most popular vehicles to turn into PreRunners out on the West Coast. But being that I am looking to build a Dodge PreRunner I am automatically behind the 8-ball. After some research I found Doetsch Systems. They are the only ones that I have found that offer a 2WD suspension kit for the new style Dodge Ram trucks. Doetsch Systems offers a 6" front 3" rear bolt-on suspension lift kit. Being that this isn't going to be an all out PreRunner just a Ram with the PreRunner look to it, I'd go with this basic bolt-on suspension kit. In order to have an all out PreRunner I'd have to have a custom suspension system made in order to get the maximum wheel travel possible for the big desert jumps or east coast corn field bumps.

To help give the Dodge that ultimate PreRunner look is the custom fabricated front bumper with built-in crossmember skid plate on the front end. Mounted on the front bumper will be four KC HiLites Night Lamps for the midnight rides through the field. Gone will be the factory front fenders! Replacing them will be a set of Desert Racing Concepts fiberglass flared front fenders, for an extra 5" of tire clearance for the massive 35" Toyo Tires and American Racing ATX 17X8 Polished Mojave (Powder Coated Black) w/ Simulated Bead locks (Red) to tuck under. A T-Rex Billet Grille Inserts stuffed in the factory grille for a custom look. Also new to the exterior will be a set of TYC Black Taillights, Recon Smoked LED 3rd Brake Light, and an APC Hitch Mount Spare Tire Holder hold my spare American Racing ATX 17X8 Mojave wrapped in a 35" Toyo Tire .

Performance for the "West Coast PreRunner" will be upgraded with afew simple installs. Volant Cool Air Intake System for getting some extra cold air into the intake. AirAid Poweraid Spacer to help force more of the cold air into the intake. With all the extra cold air being force into the combustion chamber and mixing with the fuel mixture causing a cleaner air and fuel burn in turn making more horsepower. Factory exhaust system work great with a factory truck. Being that this Ram is going to have more air flow coming in the engine, means that more exhaust gases will be exiting. In order to help make it all flow in and out properly the "West Coast PreRunner" will have a killer sounding Magnaflow Dual Side Exit Exhaust System installed.

To round up the final upgrades on the Ram will be the interior. Simply put the interior is flashy enough. The only touches will be a stereo upgrade, with a Pioneer Head unit with Memphis Audio Highs and Mids, followed by two 10" Memphis subs tucked neatly under the rear seat with a Memphis Audio AMP powering the two beast for that simple boom boom in the rig. To add some extra shine to the interior will be a set of front and rear OEM Dodge Logo Stainless Door Entry Guards. The final touches will be a good tint job on the windows so everyone can player hate and wonder who is riding so fresh and so clean in this bad ma'ama jammin rizzide!

Dream Truck #2 The "REV 3" aka "Reezy Edition West Coast PreRunner"
Base Model Dodge Ram Quad Cab 1500 4x2 4.7L V8
Color Choice Bright White with Reezy Edition Flame Decal kit

A. Suspension
a. Doetsch Systems 2wd 6/3 Lift Kit
b. Doetsch Systems HV1 Series PreRunner Shocks with Reservoir
c. Custom Front Suspension Skid plate
B. Exterior
a. American Racing ATX 17X8 Polished Mojave (Powder Coated Black) w/ Simulated Bead locks (Red)
b. Recon Smoked LED 3rd Brake Light
c. TYC Black Taillights
d. T-REX Billet Grille Inserts
e. APC Hitch Mount Spare Tire Holder
f. Custom Front PreRunner Bumper with KC HiLites
g. Desert Racing Concepts Fiberglass PreRunner Flared Front Fenders
h. Desert Racing Concepts Fiberglass PreRunner Flared Bedsides
C. Performance
a. Volant Cool Air Intake System
b. AirAid Poweraid Spacer
c. Magnaflow Dual Side Exit Exhaust System like "FLASH"
D. Interior
a. OEM Dodge Ram Stainless Front Door Entry Guards
b. OEM Dodge Ram Stainless Rear Door Entry Guards
c. Smoke Tinted Windows

Until then keep watching out cause one day "we be rollin, they hatin, tryin to catch me ridin dirty"

Reezy's Out!

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